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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Shawn Confronts Destinie And Fists Fly

life after lockup destinie folsomLife After Lockup spoilers reveal that Shawn Osborne finally realizes that his dream girl was taking him for a ride. Destinie Folsom not only took his car but Shawn’s credit cards as well. He had a house ready for her and paid her $50,000 bond, which made him financially responsible if Destinie went MIA. In a new clip, Love After Lockup’s Shawn finally catches up to his ex and takes back his car.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Destinie Folsam’s Scam

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that fans couldn’t believe that Shawn kept handing Destinie everything she wanted. It was abundantly clear to viewers that Destinie was taking Shawn for a ride. However, he just couldn’t or didn’t want to see it. She received lavish gifts, had a house waiting for her, and he paid her $50,000 bond… which made him financially liable if she disappeared.

Everyone Warned Shawn Osborne About Destinie

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that everyone warned Shawn about Destinie. While she was still in jail, he talked to her on the phone. While his phone was busted and cracked, he sacrificed getting a replacement to financially cater to Destinie. At one point, a friend of his heard the conversation and warned him. Fans couldn’t ignore the demanding way she ordered him to take care of her bail without a shred of gratitude.

Shawn is the father to six kids and his ex was not a fan of the romance. When he took his daughter shopping and told her about Destinie, it created friction between father and daughter. She cried and said that her father was replacing them with another family.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Taking Car Back

Fans recall when Shawn discovered that Destine had disappeared. She took off with his credit cards and car. She ended up in California and Shawn took action to get his car back. He called a tow truck to haul his car back where it belongs. In the promo clip, Shawn and Destinie can be seen having an intense confrontation.

Shawn Osborne Drives Away – Life After Lockup Spoilers

At one point, we see Love After Lockup’s Shawn behind the wheel of the car. He’s trying to drive away, but Destinie is trying to stop him. Not because she wants him back or to “explain.” Instead, she is furious and doesn’t want him taking the car. We doubt it’s because she loves the vehicle so much. She just can’t stand losing and being called out, especially while cameras are rolling. She really thought she could get away with all this and on national TV. At the end of the clip, she slams the drivers’ side window as he’s trying to drive away.

Even though we are going to see the scene this week, it was actually filmed months ago. Shawn has since moved on. As for Destinie, she claims to be married to a guy named Jose. Interestingly enough, it is the same man from a picture that Destinie had while she was with Shawn. Perhaps Jose and Destinie were on the scam together.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom right now. Come back here often for Life After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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