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Sister Wives Spoilers: How Much is Kody Brown Worth?

Sister Wives Spoilers: How Much is Kody Brown Worth?Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Kody Brown may be worth a lot more than fans initially thought. From what we have heard, the Brown family seems to be pretty broke and the wives have even resorted to working multiple jobs to keep their family afloat. Kody spent a lot of money when he bought the land at Coyote Pass and now it seems that this could be the major reason that he is broke.

Is He Really Broke?

There have been a lot of financial issues since the Browns moved to Flagstaff. One of the major concerns that fans had was when Christine Brown was begging her Instagram followers for money to help pay for her daughter’s back surgery. The surgery ended up costing $50,000 and fans were curious why Kody didn’t help with it and why Christine was the one that was working for it.

Another problem came up recently with the Coyote Pass land. It seems that Kody still owes money on the land and didn’t buy it up front like he had hinted at before. He owes money on the house that he and Robyn Brown have together and it doesn’t seem to stop there. There are car payments and feeding his children too, but somehow, he is still worth a lot of money.

What is His Net Worth?

With the money that he makes from Sister Wives and the other assets he has, it looks like Kody is worth about $1 million. This is not taking in consideration that he has four wives and 18 children that he has to take care of. In a sense, he is pretty broke after helping out with his wives and children. Although most of his children are grown and don’t appear on the show, he still has young ones to take care of.

It looks like his wives are the ones bringing in real money. Meri Brown runs a bed and breakfast in Utah and it is doing very well. Meri also has a very successful LulaRoe business and so does Christine. Janelle Brown works in real estate and Robyn Brown used to have a jewelry boutique, but she hasn’t updated the website for some time.

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