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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff and Online Trolls

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff and Online TrollsLittle People, Big World spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff is pretty tired of the online trolls. She gets a lot of backlash from them on social media and she is ready to talk more about it. With everything going on in our world today, she doesn’t understand why she has to make a stance just because she is famous, but there are fans that feel that she needs to tell them how she feels about every issue.

In the Public Eye

When you have been on a reality television show, there is a lot of pressure that goes along with it. Audrey has definitely felt these pressures and we’ve seen it on her social media accounts. She has had many encounters with these online trolls and with over a million followers, it is tough to make them all happy.

She does like to have Q& A sessions on her Instagram account and she just did one more this past week. Her followers were very happy to see her answer some of their really urgent questions. Audrey knows that the trolls really do this to everyone, but sometimes, it can get pretty harsh.

Audrey’s Instagram Sessions

When she was asked about the trolls, she said, “I’m honestly pretty good at brushing them off. Realizing they don’t have context and that I don’t have to defend every accusation made against me helps and is freeing. I’m also reminded that ‘hurt people hurt people.’ But I can’t say I’m never affected. I am human just like you and people say some pretty s****y things.”

Audrey thought it was very important to answer this question about followers slammed her for bringing her three-year old skiing in a big snow storm. It was only Ember’s “second time on skis” which made the situation even more scary. There were plenty of fans who were happy to see Ember doing so well, but others couldn’t believe she would force her child to ski during a storm, which Ember called “scary”.

The world of reality television is tough and it looks like Audrey will always have trolls around. She seems to have a good attitude about it all.

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