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The Little Couple Spoilers: Dr Jen Arnold Went to the Super Bowl, Shared Pics!

The Little Couple Spoilers: Dr.Jen Arnold Went to the Super Bowl, Shared Pics!The Little Couple spoilers reveal that Dr. Jen Arnold went to the Super Bowl. There were a lot of fans of the Little Couple on TLC that were very envious of Jen and really hope that she had a great time. The Super Bowl went on as usual, but with the COVID-19 restrictions, fewer people could attend. Jen was one of the lucky ones.

The Little Couple Spoilers – Fans React to Super Bowl Trip

Many of Jen’s fans wanted to share what they were feeling about her attending the Super Bowl. Many of her fans consider Jen extremely lucky for getting a chance to go, but then there were other fans who thought it was careless to go to the Super Bowl in the midst of COVID-19. Many of her fans praised her for going and knew that she was able to get the vaccine and thought it was perfectly fine for her to go if she took all of the necessary precautions.

Jen Shares Photos at Super Bowl

Jen loves to share photos with her fans on social media. She took to Instagram to share photos of her special time at the Super Bowl. Jen looked extremely excited to be there and took pictures of herself, even in her mask. We can definitely see that she is smiling underneath her mask. Fans had asked about how many people were there and Jen wrote, “⅓ capacity and ⅓ of those are vaccinated healthcare workers. Plus thousands of cardboard cutouts.”

Jen’s fans were very happy that the healthcare workers that were in attendance were all vaccinated and they loved the special tribute that they received for all of their hard work during the pandemic. This has been tough on all of them.

The Little Couple Spoilers – Does Jen Love Football?

From episodes of The Little Couple that we have seen, it does look like Jen enjoys watching football and she does enjoy playing sports with her family. We are so happy that she got to take this time off and enjoy everything about the Super Bowl.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with The Little Couple right now. Come back here often for The Little Couple spoilers, news, and updates.

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