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Sister Wives Spoilers: Should Kody Brown Add A New Wife?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Should Kody Brown Add A New Wife?Sister Wives spoilers tease that Kody Brown should consider getting a new wife. He has said that he is tired of the bickering and whining from his wives, so now would be a good time for him to add a new wife and remove himself from all the noise that seems to stress him out. Kody has always liked to have a favorite wife, Robyn knows what that feels like and why not have a new one to be his favorite. Would certainly give the fans a lot of the Sister Wives drama that they have come to crave.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Rumoured To Have Women Reaching Out To Her To Be A New Wife.

Sister Wives  Meri Brown once revealed that women fans were reaching out to her all the time about becoming a wife. Can you just imagine? What if the new wife had kids and Sister Wives cast member Kody had to divorce Robyn so he could adopt them, or she is not from the US and he has to marry her so she can live there legally, kind of like a 90 Day Fiancé thing.

Actually, the 90 day thing probably wouldn’t work because by the time the new wife met the famous four, she would probably catch the first flight back home.

Meri Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – What If The New Wife Was Younger?

It would be nice to see a new wife that was absurdly younger than the other four wives and Kody could tell her how he hasn’t experienced new love in a long time and how it is oh so special. And, Kody could spend all his time with his new wife in the “man cave” that he has designed in the floor plans of his new house. Kody should just live with her full-time, have a full mid-life crisis and get himself a young redhead. They need it for the show, they can only do so much with the same wives bickering with each other over and over again, and Kody complaining about it.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Who Would Marry Kody?

Fans of the TLC show want to know if there is a woman out there who hasn’t watched Sister Wives and still wants to marry Kody Brown? Someone who doesn’t know the other wives and doesn’t bicker with them on the couch during segments. Someone who could be honest in front of the cameras and stand up to the other wives.

What do you think? Should Kody Brown get a new wife?

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