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Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Meri Brown Still With Kody?

meri brown kody brown divorce sister wives 2021 updates newsIs Sister Wives’ Meri Brown still with Kody Brown?  After months of speculation that Sister Wives had been canceled, TLC finally announced new episodes were coming and Kody Brown and his wives would be back for Season 15.  Now, the obvious question on everyone’s minds is, are Meri and Kody still together?

Since Meri Brown’s epic catfish scandal on TLC Sister Wives, it’s no secret that she and Kody have had marriage problems.  (Although, they obviously had some before that or Meri wouldn’t have been looking for love online to begin with.)  It seems like their storylines on every season since then have been marriage counseling or awkward conversations about their marriage not working.

Sister Wives Updates: Kody Brown Divorce Rumors & Instagram

Since Sister Wives episodes went off the air, Meri Brown has been posting cryptic photos and quotes on Instagram strongly implying that she was moving on, and starting a new chapter in her life.  It’s not absurd to think that she and Kody Brown have split, in fact it’s more absurd to think that they are still together after everything on Meri’s Instagram.

TLC’s all new Sister Wives promo shows Kody Brown and his four wives are having just as many problems as fans speculated.  In fact, Christine Brown seems ready to pull the plug on her marriage to Kody as well.  In an interesting turn of events, Meri Brown announced in the trailer that she is “committed” to her husband, and is still working on her marriage and plans to continue to do so.

Meri Brown News: Did Sister Wives Star Fake Kody Brown Split For Ratings

So, was all that chatter on Meri Brown’s Instagram just a call for attention, or a sad attempt to try and create hype for the new Sister Wives’ season.  After fifteen seasons of reality TV, Kody Brown and his wives certainly know how to stir up drama for the cameras and keep the producers coming back for more.  After all, they have no choice, their mountains of debt would make any sane person queasy.

Do you think Meri Brown and Kody are still together?  Or are they sticking it out for the cameras?  Or have they always been together and just needed a good storyline, like a possible divorce?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back with TSV for more Sister Wives 2021 spoilers, updates, and Meri Brown news.

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