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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Blames Problems On COVID-19, But Issues Pre-Date Pandemic

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Blames Problems On COVID-19, But Issues Pre-Date PandemicSister Wives spoilers reveal that the season 15 trailer showed all of Kody Brown’s wives upset. Some were crying, others were screaming, there were accusations being thrown around, talks about leaving the plural marriage, and Kody was just fed up. When fans commented, Christine Brown blamed the fighting on lockdown. However, the problems were there before COVID-19.

Pandemic Fatigue Is A Real Thing

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family had a hard time coping during lockdown. Many other Americans fell into this same boat and found relationships were strained. There are terms psychologists are using to describe this phenomenon, such as “COVID fatigue” or “pandemic fatigue.”

It is a real thing, so we are not dismissing Sister Wives cast member Christine’s claim. However, the meltdowns and fighting were not caused by the pandemic. Being shut in like prisoners or animals in cages simply aggravated the issues that were already there. The problems just became intolerable because of the isolation, stress, anxiety, and being around loved ones 24/7.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Blames COVID-19

Now, Christine defended Kody from angry fans. It’s not just his reaction in the season 15 trailer, either. For a long time, viewers have criticized Kody’s behavior, treatment of certain wives, and never being around when his family needs him the most. So, we don’t buy the excuse that Kody was absent from his granddaughter’s surgery and other urgent family matters. If it was just during the pandemic, then it would make sense. But Kody has always been MIA during family crises.

As for Christne’s claim that the only reason she thought about leaving Sister Wives Kody — and why all the wives were having meltdowns — is because of the pandemic, well, that’s just not true. However, we can understand why she might think COVID-19 is to blame.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Problems Pre-Date Lockdown

A lot of people blame lockdown for their stress and strained relationships. Statistics indicate that isolation, such as with lockdown, increases the frequency of domestic violence, as well as makes incidents more intense. So, lockdowns do add a lot of stress to people’s lives.

However, the lockdown doesn’t create problems out of thin air. The issues were already there silently bubbling under the surface. Then people’s stress levels kept rising as the weeks and months went by until one day they just erupted like a volcano.

Issues Were Always Under The Surface

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family has lots of problems. Some they are pretty vocal about while others are hinted, but not talked about. But that’s not just the Brown family, that’s pretty much the way it is for every family. You can’t fight about everything, you have to pick your battles or you’ll be living in chaos 24/7. While we understand Christine wanting to defend her husband (and explain her extreme meltdown), blaming all one’s problems on a virus is just absurd.

Did it make things much worse? Absolutely, especially when people already have stressors from other things. Unless the family talks about the problems, they will never be resolved. They’ll just lay dormant until the next crisis, then we will see the family at each other’s throats all over again. What do you think of Christine blaming COVID-19 for everyone fighting? Do you think she’s trying to sweep the issues under the rug instead of confronting them head on?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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