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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown’s Cry For Help, Kody Marriage Misery Taking Its Toll

meri brown 2021 sister wives spoilers new episodes updatesSister Wives spoilers reveal that fans have been concerned about Meri Brown. It seems like Mer Brown is so much healthier and happier when she’s at her Utah B&B. Kody Brown’s first wife recently posted about insomnia and overloaded thoughts.

Kody Brown also refused to kiss her in the new 2021 Sister Wives trailer, along with scenes of the whole Brown family in an emotional crisis. It might be taking its toll on her.

Mer Brown Updates: Rough Night With Overloaded Thoughts

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri posted on Instagram that she had another rough night of insomnia and overloaded thoughts. While she mentioned business in her post, we all know people use covers like that all the time.

There is concern that it’s really about her relationship with Kody Brown and the other wives. She admitted that her body is slow today and she’s just “showing up.” Honestly, that sounds like she’s numb and depressed. She uploaded a photo and she just doesn’t seem like the bright, joyful, glowing woman that we see when she’s focused on Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Utah.

Kody Brown Refused To Kiss Meri In New Sister Wives Episodes

In the trailer, we saw Kody refusing to kiss Meri. We know they have gone through a lot of troubled waters throughout the years. Things seemed to come to a head last season when they saw a counselor. Kody admitted to regretting marrying her and felt deceived into becoming her husband. He indicated not wanting to fix the relationship and was just done. This was different from what Meri was hoping for.

Sister Wives News & Updates: Meri Brown’s Struggle

Sister Wives fans watched Meri’s Instagram and social media accounts for news, but she never said a word about her marriage. Their wedding anniversary came and went without either acknowledging it.

Even on Father’s Day, Sister Wives’ Meri Brown mentioned her own dad, but never brought up Kody. Not too long ago, Mari then suddenly lashed out and talked about how she “loves his man.” However, Kody said nothing in response.

Kody Brown’s Plural Marriage Crumbles On TLC Sister Wives New Season

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that we saw the trailer for the new season, which kicks off in February 2021. Meri admitted that she can’t force Kody to love her. Then she tried to reassure Christine Brown, was crying hysterically and talking about moving back to Utah. Janelle Brown admitted that some of the wives just “don’t want it anymore.”

Sister Wives cast member Robyn vented about “marriage sabotage” and then there was Kody’s callous reaction to it all. Like it was interrupting or inconveniencing him. Completely unsympathetic and not even feeling bad that his family was falling apart, he just sneered about not wanting to hear how unhappy they are.

In addition to all of that, now we have Meri’s admission on Instagram. It just seems like it’s a cry for help without saying the actual words. Her plural marriage with Kody just seems like it might be taking its toll on her. The only way for things to be any different is if Meri Brown makes a drastic change in her life. In the meantime, fans are trying to be supportive. Hopefully everything will turn out okay for Meri.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Meri Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, Meri Brown news, and Brown Family updates.

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