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Big Brother Heroes Vs Villains Season – Who Would Be On Your Wish List?

Big Brother Heroes Vs Villains Season - Who Would Be On Your Wish List?Big Brother Spoilers reveal that since hearing the news that Robyn Kass is taking a leave from producing Big Brother to focus on other projects, the majority of BB fans are thrilled. Robyn and her team are known for discovering some great Big Brother cast members, Evil Dick, Dan Gheesling, Daniele Donato, and Janelle Pierzina, to name a few, yet fans are still excited about the shift in the BB franchise.

If nothing else, fans will get a fresh perspective and a very welcome change.

Big Brother Spoilers – Is BB Open To Switching It Up?

Jesse Tannenbaum has been casting for CBS Reality since 2012. He is currently the Head Casting Director for Survivor and The Amazing Race, and he was Head Casting Director for Big Brother over The Top. Now, Big Brother spoilers reveal that according to Evil Dick, Jessee will be joining the BB family when he replaces Robyn Kass. BB fans were thrilled when this bit of news leaked and hope that Jesse will come up with some new twists like those on Survivor.

Maybe, bring back the most heroic houseguests of all-time to battle against the most villainous houseguests to win the coveted title of Big Brother Heroes Vs. Villains. And, Survivor tends to do a better job of casting a diverse group of people while Big Brother relies on stereotypes, so that would also be a refreshing change.

Heroes Vs. Villains Cast

Our top five go-getters for Heroes are former Big Brother cast member David Alexander – because he deserves another chance, Tyler Crispen – who doesn’t love this guy? Donny Thompson – a true underdog, heartthrob Hayden Moss and Jordan Lloyd who couldn’t hurt a fly if she tried.

Our top five go-getters for Villains are Will Kirby – the sneakiest BB doctor, Dick Donato – “Evil” Dick to his foes, Rachel Reilly – the girl you love to hate, Paul Abrahamian – the bad boy who keeps losing at the final two, and Dan Gheesling – the “nice” villain who hosted his own BB funeral.

Who would you like to see be a BB Heroes Vs. Villains cast member?

Big Brother Spoilers – Is Robyn Kass Really The Root Of The Problem?

Big Brother Spoilers reveal that we are not sure if Robyn Kass leaving gets to the root of the problem. There have been a lot of accusations thrown around about Alison Grodner and she is going nowhere.

Big Brother rumours revealed that Alison gave cast members scripts when they went into the diary room and that some twists favored certain players like pandora’s box in season 14 to save Jordan, or the coaches twist to save Frank.

Also, fans believe that Alison stirs the pot to save the production’s favorite players and messes with the game to satisfy ratings. One fan said, “Well I hope it’s a good thing… But there are so MANY things wrong with BB now that I don’t believe it will make a huge difference. The beauty of BBOTT was its different format, they allowed the viewers to watch basically EVERYTHING. With BB they now BLOCK nearly Everything.”

No matter, once a BB fan always a BB fan, and I for one am looking forward to what summer 2021 brings us in the Big Brother house.

Stay tuned to Big Brother on CBS this summer, and keep checking here frequently for all the latest news, updates, and gossip about all your fave CBS shows, spinoffs, and stars!

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