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Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Said These Cringy Things About His Wives

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Said These Cringy Things About His WivesSister Wives news divulges that Kody Brown likes to take his life in his hands telling tales about his wives—is he cuckoo? Nonetheless, the women must love him because they are all still at his side in spite of some pretty dubious comments made by the blonde hunk.

The whole fam published a book together a while back and in it they tell it like it is. Especially Mr. Brown.

Sister Wives Spoilers: What Did Kody Brown Have to Say About His Wives?

Of wife Janelle, Kody described her as one of the guys so to speak, but Janelle agreed with him. That is mild in comparison to what he has had to say about the others. Of Robyn Brown, Kody once said in an interview something a bit rude, despite her being rumored to be the favorite wife.

Kody Brown Has Four Wives

What did Kody say? He talked about bringing Robyn into the family as the fourth wife and that first wife Meri encouraged Kody to marry Robyn. Kody then spilled that he was not on board initially, saying Robyn came with the “ick factor” and that the thought of marrying Robyn made him “shudder.”

What was so icky about poor Robyn? According to Kody it was her being divorced. Robyn didn’t look happy and when the interviewer pointed it out, Robyn jumped to his defense. True love!

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Said These Cringy Things About His Wives

Sister Wives News: Is Kody Brown an Embarrassment?

She had three kids for Kody to care for and to his credit Kody adopted them. That doesn’t mean he isn’t cringy in other regards. In the Sister Wives book he wrote about thinking about Christine Brown as a wife along with the other two wives, Janelle and Meri.

When the three went on a road trip they stopped at a gas station with a mini mart and Christine bought some nachos and cheese. Kody wrote that he looked at Christine in the rearview mirror and he was grossed out watching the healthy girl eat away. According to him it was enough to put a stop to the courting. Christine wrote that she had no idea!

Did You Read the Sister Wives Book?

The book goes a long way toward proving that love may be blind. There are not many women who want their husbands telling the whole world they are overweight or icky and yet the Sister Wives don’t seem to be bothered!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Sister Wives. Come back here often for Sister Wives news and updates.

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