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Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Shares Life’s Lessons

Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Brush Shares Life’s LessonsSister Wives spoilers 2020 spoilers and updates reveal the children of the Brown family on the TLC show haven’t all had it so good. One of the children of Janelle Brown, Maddie Brown Brush, has started to open up more about her upbringing. Maddie loves to tell her fans that she isn’t exactly like her mother, even though some fans think that she is. She posted recently on Instagram about how there are some things that her mother did that she just doesn’t enjoy.

Sister Wives Updates – Maddie Brown Brush Grew Up On Television

Maddie’s life has been filmed for years and years. As soon as she was born, she was on Sister Wives and she pretty much grew up on the show. This can be a little irritating since she technically never asked to be on the show, it just happened. She has her own family now and she loves being a mother and a wife. She does her best to keep her fans updated on her life and generally, she will post about things on Instagram.

Maddie’s daughter, Evie Brown Brush, was diagnosed with FATCO Syndrome and Sister Wives fans saw a lot of hard times for her family. Her husband, Caleb Brush, has been such a good father and support system through it all. Maddie is a stay at home mother, but she still works a lot of jobs online. In her latest post, she told her fans just how amazing her husband is.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Maddie Brown Shares Life’s Lessons

Sister Wives Spoilers – Maddie Brown Brush Gives Family Updates

Sister Wives cast member Maddie posted a picture of herself with her two children and she was smiling so big! She wrote, “I have been followed around all morning. Heard “mommy” about 101 times! I’ve set up multiple activities for entertainment, but alas here we are. My two little shadows adding a little extra to all my “to-dos” today. I guess this is motherhood! I love it but I also NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE. Lol”

After being in a family that has focused on polygamy, Maddie decided that one husband and one wife in this relationship is all that she needs. Unlike her mother, Maddie doesn’t have to worry about where her husband will be after work or if she can just have him all to herself. She gets Caleb all the time and that is what she wants. It looks like Caleb is a great husband and terrific father too!

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