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Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers & Rumors: Y&R Alum Daniel Goddard Joining DOOL? Here’s The Truth

days of our lives spoilers cane ashby, dool cast rumors ej dimeraDays of Our Lives (DOOL) rumors and comings and goings spoilers suggested that Daniel Goddard from The Young And The Restless might be headed to Salem as the new EJ DiMera (formerly James Scott). What is the truth about this? Well, a prediction from one website turned into a viral rumor when the actor himself posted it on his social media accounts. Here’s the truth about that casting rumor.

Days of Our Lives Comings & Goings: Prediction/Casting Wish List

DOOL rumors and comings and goings spoilers reveal that the whole situation began when Soaps.com published a prediction post for 2021, which really was more like a casting wish list. They wrote that a Goddard lookalike might be a recast for EJ DiMera since James Scott is no longer acting. Plus, with Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) having an emotional storyline, a lot of fans have been wondering if EJ would be recast.

DOOL Rumor: The Young And The Restless’ Daniel Goddard’s Tease

The soap opera rumor actually took off like wildfire when Goddard himself got involved. On his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, he posted a screenshot of the snippet from the post. Then he added in the caption a little tease. For example, on Facebook it was, “Should I go to Days of Our Lives?” On Twitter, he wrote, “Hello Days of Our Lives!” Those posts have since been deleted.

Why All The Confusion

Days of Our Lives rumors indicate that Goddard is actually partially at fault for the confusion. Instead of posting the link to the prediction/casting wish list post so fans could read the exact words, he only provided a screenshot of the part where it had his name and “the new EJ DiMera.” So, all fans could assume was he was taking over James Scott’s role. He didn’t make things any clearer by his tease in the caption, either. Those social media posts have since been deleted. But not before the rumor spread like wildfire.

Of course, even if he did post the link and said something like, “what do you think,” people are notorious for reading headlines and not the actual posts. This is especially rampant on social media simply because networking sites are designed to be reactionary. So, there likely would have been a lot of assumptions anyway.

Days Of Our Lives Rumor: No, It’s Not True

So, to answer your question, we are very sorry but no, Goddard is not the new EJ DiMera and he’s not headed to DOOL. It wouldn’t make much sense simply because of the huge pay difference. Y&R tends to pay their actors pretty decently. Unfortunately, as much as I love Days of Our Lives, they were already paying very little to theri cast and went through yet another budget cut during the last renewal.

So, it would be an enormous pay cut and it is very rare that an actor would even consider a massive decrease like that. One day, EJ probably will be recast, but it won’t be with a huge Y&R star like Goddard. It will most likely be an actor we’ve never seen or heard of before.

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