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This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Justin Hartley On Kevin And Madison’s Story, Can They Make It Work?

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Justin Hartley On Kevin And Madison’s Story, Can They Make It Work?This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that one of the storylines we are currently seeing is Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) finding out a one-night stand led to a pregnancy… and it’s twins. Kevin and Madison (Caitlin Thompson) are an odd pairing, but can they somehow make it work? Hartley discussed the storyline and what’s going through Kevin’s head.

This Is Us Updates – Odd Couple Trying To Make It Work

When Kevin and Madison had their one-night stand, they never imagined it would lead to a pregnancy, or that it would be twins. So, they are pretty much in an “instant family” and trying to get to know each other at the same time. Harley admits to TV Line that Kevin and Madison are an odd couple, but they will try to make it work. The actor said that they do have affection for each other, so that’s a good start. At least they don’t hate each other.

Justin Hartley: You Can’t Force Love

This Is Us season 5 spoilers reveal that Kevin and Madison are in an awkward position. It would be great if they were madly in love and were becoming a happy little family. But that’s not the case with this particular citation. It doesn’t mean it will fail, but Harley says that you can’t force love either.

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers: Justin Hartley On Kevin And Madison’s Story, Can They Make It Work?

“I’ve said this before: You can’t really force love. It doesn’t work. He’s also in a little bit of a predicament. It’s not like he’s dating a woman that he doesn’t want to be dating. He’s in a situation where she’s having his babies… he puts a lot of stress and pressure on himself, and that sometimes can lead to the balloon popping, so to speak.”

This Is Us Season 5 Spoilers – But Love Can Grow

Even though Kevin and Madison aren’t in love and Hartley is right, you can’t force it, love is something that can grow. The actor did say this was an amazing story, so we are holding out hope that Kevin and Madison’s affection might grow into a love story. One thing that Hartley mentioned is that Kevin is dedicated to being an amazing dad and raising the twins with Madison as a family.

About Rebecca Pearson’s Mental Decline

At the same time that Kevin is dealing with his career, becoming a father, and trying to create a successful “Insta-Family,” there is also Rebecca Pearson’s (Mandy Moore) health. Due to her mental decline, Kevin is anxious to have the babies so Rebecca can meet them. He knows that her condition will not get better, it will only get worse. So, while she still has good days, he wants to make them count.

Harley said that Kevin is also keeping in mind that grandbabies might help slow down Rebecca’s decline. However, will everything work out the way that Kevin wants it to? Well, we will have to keep watching the NBC TV show to find out. This Is Us returns to NBC on January 5, 2021.

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