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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Louise Sorel Turned Down Vivian Alamain’s 2021 Story

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Louise Sorel Turned Down Vivian Alamain’s 2021 StoryNBC Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Vivian Alamain is returning in 2021, but Linda Dano will be playing the villain. The character was recast with Robin Strasser for one storyline, but Louise Sorel is the “face” to the sinister Salemite. It has finally been explained why the actress turned down coming back as Vivian. Everyone has theories, but the truth is far less scandalous.

Vivian Alamain Returning In 2021

DOOL spoilers reveal that Vivian is coming back to Salem with another scandalicious storyline. Last month, it was confirmed that soap veteran Linda Dano would be the new face of the villain. What better person to announce the recast than the original portrayer? That’s right, Sorel excitedly shared that Dano would be playing Vivan in 2021.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Linda Dano Joins Soap

In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, head writer Ron Carlivati discussed bringing Dano on board. The writers had an idea for Vivian’s new story, but Sorel turned it down. They either had to scrap the storyline, edit the script or recast the character. Casting director Marnie Saitta mentioned Dano, who is best-known as Felicia Gallant on Another World. The soap veteran has also appeared in All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital and Port Charles.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Louise Sorel Turned Down Vivian Alamain’s 2021 Story

When the casting director said Dano’s name, Carlivati didn’t need to hear anything else. He remembered the actress from his writing position at One Life to Live. He told the magazine that there was actually an idea of having Dano play the same character and having the actress bounce around the different soaps. Obviously, most soaps have been canceled since then and there are only four that remain on the air.

Scandalous Theories On Recast

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that ever since the recast news went viral, fans have speculated on why Sorel didn’t return. Of course, viewers tend to always think the worst and came up with scandalous theories about why Sorel wouldn’t return to the soap. However, the soap star has always spoken positively about DOOL, the cast members, as well as controversial scribe Ron Carlivati. It turns out that she would return again, but the timing was all wrong.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Louise Sorel’s Health

The magazine was told that Sorel takes COVID-19 seriously. She is an older American, so she falls under the high-risk category. She also lives in New York, which means she would have to travel all the way to Los Angeles to be on set. That’s risky enough on it’s own, but then Sorel would need to find a place to stay, rent a car and everything else. All of those things seem so little, but they could mean the difference between life and death to someone else.

It turns out that was the only reason Sorel turned down returning as Vivian in 2021. Her decision was just about protecting her health, which is far less scandalous than what fans were saying online!

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