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Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael And Mom Are ‘Too Close’, Sarah Simmons Very Wary Of Behavior

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael And Mom Are ‘Too Close’, Sarah Simmons Very Wary Of BehaviorWEtv Life After Lockup spoilers and updates reveal star Sarah Simmons has two young daughters with her ex. At one point, she was pretty much a single parent due to Michael Simmons going to prison. In a new interview with Screenrant, she is very wary of Michael’s relationship with one woman in particular. Sarah believes that the mother and son are too close.

Life After Lockup Marriage: It’s Complicated

Life After Lockup cast members Michael and Sarah first appeared in season 2 of the reality show. They fell in love in their teenage years. They would eventually get married and have two children. However, Michael was sentenced to three years in prison. Sarah had to do everything on her own and as a result, she probably felt like a single parent.

Sarah had high hopes when Michael was released from prison. However, the couple would not get their happily ever after. It turns out that the felon was involved with a Texas woman. Sarah was pregnant with her second child by that time. She tried to get her husband back and have a happy little family. Eventually, Sarah realized that she deserved better than that and moved on.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael And Mom Are ‘Too Close’, Sarah Simmons Very Wary Of Behavior

Michael Simmons: Women And Children

The Life After Lockup stars don’t even live in the same state. However, Sarah tries to make sure her daughters have some kind of relationship with their dad. Unfortunately, it seems that Michael is seeing the kids whenever. Even though it’s great that Sarah tries to build this relationship with Michael and the kids, it’s not her job. He’s the father, which means he needs to make an effort to bond with his children. It also requires that he actually put the kids anything (or anyone) else.

During a recent Life After Lockup episode, the cameras caught why Michael still is unprepared for fatherhood. He went out partying and drinking the night before having to be in court. As a result of having too much fun with liquor and the ladies, Michael never showed up to court. That seems to indicate that fun and women come before his own children.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons ‘Very Wary’

The reality star finds it odd that Michael has no real relationship with his children, yet he and his mother are extremely close. In fact, the WEtv personality said they are “too close”. Another strange dynamic with Michael’s family is the children have practically no relationship with their paternal grandmother.

“Michael’s mother and I – obviously everyone knows there’s some things going on there. I personally feel like Michael’s mom is a little too close to Michael, as far as behavior and thought process, so I’m a little wary about that.”

What do you think of Michael Simmons as a father? Do you believe he is trying his best or are women more important to him? Do you agree with Sarah Simmons that Michael and his mother are too close?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Sarah Simmons right now. Come back here often for Life After Lockup spoilers, news and updates.

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