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Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Will Horton Steps In To Protect Tripp Dalton From Kate Roberts

NBC Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that in Salem Will Horton (Chandler Massey) will step in to protect Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) from Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Will Horton and Allie Horton’s Dad, Lucas Horton Held A Knife On Tripp

It seems this whole confrontation begins when Will and Allie Horton’s (Lindsay Arnold) father, Lucas Horton (Bryan Datillo) boils over at Tripp. Allie has not gotten justice for the rape that created her baby, Henry Horton (Jayna and Kinsley Fox) and has decided to sue in civil court. The case could not be tried in Salem because the crime occurred in London, England and the British authorities refused to press charges on such an old case.

Tripp continues to maintain his innocence, but his DNA matched Henry’s when a paternity test was run. Lucas confronts Tripp in the kitchen, and grabs a knife and points it at him as he’s confronting him. Lucas probably just wants to scare Tripp into admitting what he is believed to have done to Allie and feels suing him in civil court is not really justice. It was actually Kate’s idea for Allie to try to get civil justice since criminal justice was not possible.

NBC Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that in Salem Will Horton (Chandler Massey) will step in to protect Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) from Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)

However, it seems that the whole situation is just boiling over for Allie’s family. Could her Zoom conversation with her mother Sami DiMera (Alison Sweeney) have spurred Sami to call Lucas to do something about Tripp in her absence? It’s entirely possible! Lucas may still be pointing the knife at Tripp in the kitchen when Kate shows up and joins him in trying to scare him into telling what they think is the truth!

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Will Horton Has Connected With Allie And His Mother’s Family But Not His Dad And Grandma

Will surprised his sister Allie when he showed up for Christmas. He has connected with her, and his mother’s side of the family, but not his dad or Grandma Kate. He may be walking into a beehive when she shows up looking for Lucas, and finds him, Grandma Kate, and Tripp in what could turn into a very dangerous situation!

He will be on Allie’s side against Tripp, but on the other hand if the first thing he sees is a knife in his father’s hand and maybe by that time it’s been transferred to Kate’s, he knows what could happen! Kate has been implicated either directly or indirectly in several murders or murder plots. He will step in between Kate and Tripp, and his dad Lucas if he hasn’t already left the scene. It will be more of a protecting Kate from herself than protecting Tripp from her.

Kate just got finished with handling Allie’s trying to hold her gun on Tripp, taking a page from Sami’s playbook! What Will walks in on is probably only threats, but if Kate is the one holding the knife she’ll probably do more than just use it like a laser pointer on Tripp, she’ll get up close and personal! The last thing that Will wants is any violence between any of his family members and another person, in this case Tripp! He will want justice for Allie, but not vigilante justice!

Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives, and keep checking Days of Our Lives spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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