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‘Little People, Big World’ News: What is Amy Roloff’s Net Worth?

amy roloff net worth little people big world 2020 updatesOn TLC’s Little People, Big World, we have seen the Roloff family grow and change. This past season, Amy Roloff, moved off the farm and headed to her new home with her fiance Chris Marek. She has worked on quite a few projects since she divorced Matt Roloff and now that the year is ending, fans are curious what her net worth really is.

2020 For Amy Roloff – Little People Big World Updates

Amy loves to cook and has written a cookbook and has a very popular website with her merchandise. She is selling aprons and even face masks on her site. Last year, she was worth about $4.5 million and this year, it seems like she has flourished and is now worth about $6 million.

Most fans know her because of Little People, Big World, but there are some that know her because of the motivational speeches she gives. She has added public speaking to her resume and fans can book her to speak at their events and at conferences.

Apparently, she charges a pretty penny for her time. Little People Big World’s Amy Roloff has also picked up a few Instagram sponsorships and she is making pretty good money off of these as well.

Roloff Family News: Why Amy Roloff Has Made More Money This Year

Another reason that Little People, Big World cast member Amy has made more money this year is because of her sale of her part of the farm to Matt. Although it was not easy for her to sell her share, she did it anyway. She told fans that Matt was very pushy about it and she just decided that selling her share would be the best idea. Her fans told her that they were furious with her choice to sell, but it was her choice nonetheless.

When filming Little People Big World episodes for TLC, Amy and the Roloff family get paid really well. Most of the families that are on TLC get paid at least $10,000 to $25,000 per episode of their show. This could be the reason that they continue to push on with their show no matter what.

If you want to keep up with Amy, you can check out her Instagram account and there you will be able to find her website where she sells her books and merchandise.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Little People, Big World right now. Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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