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‘Counting On’ News: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Slammed By Fans

‘Counting On’ News: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Slammed By FansCounting On news and updates reveal for the Duggar family, a pandemic won’t stop them from celebrating the holidays and their fans are slamming them for it. The entire family gathered at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars home and even after the CDC has asked families not to gather, the Duggars did anyway and they showed it off too! When will they ever learn?

Duggars Love Ugly Sweaters

Although the Duggars love one another and love to show off their large family, it seems that they don’t care about getting anyone infected with COVID-19. They are very religious and feel that celebrating Jesus’s birthday is incredibly important to them. They do celebrate Christmas, but they do it without a tree. This is actually the only time that they ever let their kids watch secular movies too.

One of the big holiday traditions for the Counting On cast members Duggars is the big ugly sweater party. This is a big family favorite and even though there is a pandemic, this didn’t stop them. It looks as if there are at least 50 people at this gathering. There are so many people in these pictures that they had to use a microphone to talk!

Some Counting On Fans Loved The Ugly Sweaters

Some of the Counting On fans loved the post of all of the family in their ugly sweaters, but there were others that wrote, “Great example of what not to do.” Die hard Duggar fans posted things such as “Faith over fear” and “ we are not communists.” There were plenty of comments that made claims that if this is being filmed for TLC, they have all probably already had their COVID tests to make sure that all of these people can be on the set. It is a little sketchy though.

There were many fans of the Duggars that were appalled by this and don’t think it’s right that all of these people can be together under one roof, while there are many others who can’t see their families right now because they don’t want to risk catching COVID in the airports.

No matter what, the Duggars will continue to celebrate and we just hope that none of them end up getting sick. You can see all of the ugly sweater action on the Duggar family Instagram account.

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