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Sister Wives Spoilers: 5 Reasons The Sister Wives Need To Leave Kody Brown

kody brown and wives, sister wives 2020 spoilersTLC’s Sisterwives Premiered in September 2010 with Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown and all their children. Christine Brown was pregnant at the time and Kody was courting his fourth wife Robin Brown. Robin brought her three children from another marriage into the family. However, through the years fans have seen lots of changes. Why do fans feel that all four Sister Wives should leave Kody?

#1 Kody Brown Only Considers His Feelings

One thing has become abundantly clear since Sister Wives episodes premiered ten years ago, Kody wants what Kody wants. Fans thought it was completely insensitive with Kody showed up courting another woman while Christine was pregnant with Truly Brown, their sixth child together. Kody moved the family to Las Vegas to protect them from Utah laws against polygamy only to uproot them again to move to Arizona against the wishes of several of his children.

#2 Kody Brown Makes Bad Life Choices

No matter how much debt Kody and his family is in when he gets an idea he pushes it. Kody  Brown and his wives went into debt to build homes in Las Vegas. Kody never had any intention of staying there however, a mortgage was apparently cheaper than rent. In Kody’s mind, four mortgages were cheaper.

However, Kody Brown decided to move to Arizona and wasn’t taking no for an answer. Kody’s choice to move forced all four wives to sell their Las Vegas homes. Kody’s decisions constantly put the family in more debt every time they move or buy something. It is becoming very difficult to get loans because Kody has to be on the mortgage for all four wives’ homes every time they move.

#3 Kody Brown Plays Favorites

Sister Wives’ Kody may claim to love all of his wives equally but in reality, he plays favorites. Ever since Robin Brown came into the family, it has been obvious that he is more worried about pleasing her than his other wives. Kody seems to spend more time with Robin and her children. Kody often seems to neglect his other children in favor of Robin and their kids. Kody even divorced Meri Brown to adopt Robin’s children.

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#4 Kody Brown Is Unfair

When his first wife, Meri Brown, wanted another child several years ago, she had a few options. Meri wanted to try IVF to conceive a second child with Kody before she got too old to have children. Robin offered to carry a child for Meri and Kody. Kody never really said “no” outright on the show, but he didn’t exactly encourage the idea either. Yet Kody has adopted Robin’s children as well as had two children with her since their marriage.

#5 Kody Brown Pits The Wives Against Each Other

When Sister Wives Kody disagrees with one of the wives, he tends to pit them against each other. If one or more of the wives agree with him, they will openly talk about the other wife’s opinion and it seems that Kody and the wives in agreement with him turn on the one who disagrees. Kody doesn’t want to hear a difference of opinion and seems to believe that the majority rules. Kody tactics are often unfair and border bullying.

Sister Wives’ Kody doesn’t seem to want a working family anymore. Kody wants his way and only his way. This is evident in how he continues to push for a one-family home that he clearly knows Christine is against. Kody often gives his wives reasons to walk away and would deserve it if all five did just that.

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