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‘Life After Lockup’ News: Lindsey Sobs Over Rich Boyfriend Lie, Scammer Claims She’s The Real Victim!

'Life After Lockup' News: Lindsey Sobs Over Rich Boyfriend Lie, Scammer Claims She’s The Real Victim!Life After Lockup spoilers and updates reveal Lindsey Downs was immediately recognized as a scammer by viewers. However, Scott Bradshaw wanted to believe that their love was real. The felon has decided to play victim now and viewers can’t stop mocking her because of it. Even though she was the scammer, Lindsey claims that she’s the victim because Scott lied about being a millionaire.

Lindsey Downs’ Con

From the beginning, it was clear that Life After Lockup cast member Lindsey targeted Scott. She wasn’t interested in a lifetime of love, she was interested in his money. She broke the first rule of being a con artist, though. She wrote down her plan in detail, including using the victim’s name and how she was going to hack into his bank account. Then, her detailed plan was discovered by the victim!

Scott Bradshaw’s Million Dollar Lie

Life After Lockup fans suspected a while ago that Scott wasn’t as rich as he claimed. It was obvious he wasn’t a millionaire by looking at his unfinished house. She decided to do some snooping — which she should have done before picking her victim — and found out Scott lied. Even though he cheated on her with escorts, that didn’t seem to be what bothered Linsey. She was more concerned that he was broke!

Life After Lockup: Sobbing Over Money

This week, Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Lindsey sobs and whines over being played by Scott. She is devastated that he lied to her about being a millionaire. She claims that Scott scammed her by promising her the world but not having the cash to make those dreams come true. In her confessional, Lindsey said Scott’s lies make her feel “lonely.” Then, she proceeded to make sounds and facial expressions like someone who was crying, but we couldn’t find a single teardrop!

Scammer Mocked For Playing Victim

Life After Lockup fans are mocking Lindsey for playing victim and claiming she’s the one who got scammed. On Twitter, fans shared their thoughts about Lindsey’s “crisis.”

“Lindsey’s tears are HILARIOUS to me. This b**ch and her gf thought they had the perfect mark and u find out he’s a liar and broke just like u and ur upset?!”

“Lindsey and her fake-a** “I’ve been scammed” tears. Come on, now. You’re prob just relieved that you have a solid reason to peace-out with no guilt. You are not a good actress, honey. And you’re worse at makeup.”

“Lindsey is more concerned that Scott is broke then the fact that he’s been with prostitutes. The prostitutes r just the icing on the cake.”

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