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‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Kody Brown Turned Off By Robyn, Divorced Mothers Are ‘The Ick Factor’

Sister Wives spoilers 2002 reveals star Kody Brown just keeps getting worse. He is well known for his maniacal antics and cruel words to his wives on the reality show. However, he just keeps on insulting the women he supposedly loves. Robyn Brown was bashed by the man she married during a televised interview on TLC. Apparently, Robyn made him “shudder” because of “the ick factor.”

Kody Brown Needs A Muzzle

We totally understand that not everyone is going to sing their spouse’s praises 24/7. I get in all kinds of trouble for sarcasm and dry humor. Over the years, I’ve learned when to keep my mouth shut. Or at the very least, apologize when my mouth moves faster than my brain. However, Sister Wives cast member Kody keeps on blurting out the worst things. Most of the time, the demeaning statements and insults are directed towards his wives… the women he is supposed to love.

Sister Wives Spoilers 2020: Turned Off By Robyn Brown

Kody told the TLC interviewer that he almost didn’t marry Robyn. There was one thing about her that turned him off. Now, you might wonder what it could be. Did she smack her lips when eating? Drool all over the pillow? Have a certain expression that made him cringe? No, it’s none of those things. It is because Robyn is one of the millions of women who have “the ick factor.”

What Is ‘The Ick Factor’?

Apparently, the Sister Wives cast member knew that he was going to get slammed for explaining “the ick factor.” So, Robyn did it for him and tried to soften the brutality of the term. Honestly, it’s pretty much a diss to divorced women who have children.

“He did because I was divorced with kids, and that’s a lot. You know, it’s a lot, it’s okay.”

No, Robyn, it is not okay. Now, she claimed that divorced women have a lot of baggage from their previous relationship. Then, she kept adding, “it’s okay” and “I understand.” It was as if she actually felt like less of a human being just because was a divorced mother.

However, Sister Wives spoilers 2020 reveals we know what Kody really meant by “the ick factor.” May we remind him that he’s the one bouncing between four women? If anyone has “the ick factor,” it’s Kody!

'Sister Wives' Spoilers: Kody Brown Turned Off By Robyn, Divorced Mothers Are 'The Ick Factor'

Insulting Wives Has Happened Before

The Sister Wives patriarch has insulted his wives before. He’s always been kind of cruel and uncaring towards Meri Brown. However, he has also insulted Christine Brown in his book, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” Kody wrote that he was “nauseated” watching “this chubby girl” (his wife, Christine) eat chili cheese nachos.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Kody Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news and updates.


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