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Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Finally Meets Veteran She Was Communicating As A Volunteer Worker

Royal Family News: Kate Middleton Finally Meets Veteran She Was Communicating As A Volunteer WorkerBritish royal family news reveals that one of the best parts of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal train trip across the nation was the chance to meet a man Kate Middleton was communicating with on the phone.

Their conversations came about as a part of her volunteering through a Check In And Chat scheme. And finally, Kate was able to meet 85-year-old Len Gardner and be introduced to his wife Shirley. The meet up occurred in Batley with plenty of police officers at the Gardner’s street in the West Yorkshire town.

Imagine the neighborhood’s surprise when a fancy car pulled up and out stepped the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate used the transnational train trip to meet a lovely vet she had been chatting with The duchess and Gardner began talking in May as a part of the NHS Volunteer

Responder Check In And Chat program designed to help elderly people feel less lonely.
Additionally the two wrote letters to each other and she was kind enough to send him a pasta machine when she found out he likes cooking.

William and Kate took a short walk to Gardner’s house accompanied by a band. Once there Gardner helped his wife, who has dementia, to come outside.

Both of the couples kept socially distanced and enjoyed the band, getting in a few fancy footsteps as well.

Kate was able to meet her friend and his wife and a band played for the neighborhood

Once the royals departed, Gardner talked to Sky News about his lockdown chats with Kate.

“It was like talking to you,” he said. “Just ordinary talk after the first sentence, which was ‘how do I address you?’, because I like to do things right. She said ‘just call me Catherine’.”

Katherine made friends with a pensioner who was delighted by her down to earth demeanor

He added that Kate and William seemed, “very interested in people and that’s a very good thing, especially with the virus at the moment. To come out to a place like this and talk to people like us, it’s wonderful.”

Kate’s volunteerism was not a PR stunt, either. Gardner said he asked, “would it be alright if I write to you again, if I drop you a line every now and again?” and she said “I’d be thrilled to bits because I’m delighted to read your letters.'”

William and Kate’s train tour was designed to recognize the citizens who have made a difference during the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple left London on Sunday evening for the 1,250-mile UK tour.

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