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‘Life After Lockup’ News: Andrea and Lamar Are Not Doing Well In Watts

'Life After Lockup' News: Andrea and Lamar Are Not Doing Well In WattsLife After Lockup spoilers reveal that Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson are quarantining in Watts after relocating from Salt Lake City, Utah. There are five in the family so how are they adjusting to life in Los Angeles? They recently sat down with Screen Rant to talk about how things are going and we have the delicious details for you right here.

Life After Lockup Spoilers Reveal How Andrea Edwards And Lamar Jackson Are Doing In Watts

So, how is the couple making the leap from Utah to Cali? Apparently they are discovering how the bright lights of LA work! Andrea said, “We can’t go to the grocery store without being recognized. The whole world thinks they know us.”

Lamar isn’t complaining though, he said, “They show me love for the most part.”

Life After Lockup cast member Andrea agreed: “Yeah, the fans are always super nice. But when I’m not around, sometimes they tell Lamar, ‘Your wife is a mess … Are you still with that crazy woman?’” Uh oh that’s not nice!

Life After Lockup Spoilers Show That Andrea Edwards And Lamar Jackson Are Living Large In Cali

Screen Rant asked the couple about tension or arguments and Andrea said: “No. But when we watch the show, during one of our fights, a lot of times we revisit the fight. And it’s not as intense, but we start an argument about the fight as we watch the show.”

In regard to the show Lamar said, “There were a few couples I liked. I liked Maurice and Jessica,” while Andrea loved Clint and Tracie.

Andrea And Lamar Aren’t Big Social Media Users According To Them

So, the million dollar question their fans are wondering is how the couple are liking LA? According to Andrea, she’s seen better days!

“Yeah, I’m not happy. I’m not happy out here at all. We might need to have another family vote.” When asked about her daughter she said, “The thing is, she’s never home because she does school and dance in the Redondo Beach area. She loves it out there? She wants to move out of Watts, she loves California. My son wants to move back to Utah. Priscilla’s starting to want to go back to Utah. And I definitely want to go back.”

She added that if Tennison goes back to Utah, “we’re all going. I can’t live without my baby.”

Apparently the family is also still adjusting to getting to know Lamar’s family as well. According to Lamar, “It’s been a struggle. They’re a little skeptical.”

This sounds like something that will be explored more in the next season so stay tuned fans!

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