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‘Alaskan Bush People’ News: Ami Brown’s Tragic Life

'Alaskan Bush People' News: Ami Brown’s Tragic LifeWhat many fans of the show Alaskan Bush People don’t know is that Ami Brown has had a very tragic life. She hasn’t let fans know too much about it, but recently she has started to open up more about it. With the new season on right now, fans have seen this show go through a lot of scandal and drama, but one thing remains true, Ami is still as strong as ever!

Ami Opens Up

Ami has remained tough through all of the drama that her family has been through. She is calm and kind and even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she stayed calm and knew she would make it through the treatments. Perhaps she is such a strong woman now because of the tragedies that she has gone through in her life.

One controversy that pops up in her life pretty often is when Ami married Billy Brown. She was only 16 years old at the time and he was 25. Billy never got a divorce from his previous wife and then he pretty much cut Alaskan Bush People cast member Ami off from her family.

They didn’t see her for years and she was able to see her mother before she died. After many attempts to contact Ami, her family was saddened to tell her that her niece passed away from severe burns earlier this year. This crushed the family, but we are not sure if Ami even came back to see the family when this happened.

The Loss Of Amber Struck Them Hard

For Ami’s family, the loss of Amber struck them very hard. Her father, Lee, told fans of Alaskan Bush People, “When police arrived on the scene, they found Amber with severe burns on 90% of her body. She told police the wounds were self-inflicted and she was doing a ‘faith test.’” Police do think that drugs were involved, although, her father mentioned she had been clean for years.

When Ami’s mother died, she was heartbroken, but fans did notice that she and Billy stuck together then too. Is Billy the reason that she cuts everyone off in her life? Will we see Ami avoiding more of her family because of him?

Stay tuned to Alaskan Bush People to find out more.

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