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Little People, Big World News: Will Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler Get Married Before Amy Roloff & Chris Marek

matt roloff and caryn chandler wedding, little people big world 2020 newsFor the cast members of Little People, Big World, the global pandemic has changed a lot of plans. First, it pushed back the wedding of Amy Roloff and her fiance, and now it looks like it could possibly push back another wedding.

Roloff Family News: Amy Roloff Changes Her Wedding Date

Little People Big World’s Amy Roloff and her fiance, Chris Marek decided that they needed to change the date of their wedding due to COVID restrictions. Weddings are huge events and no one really wants to be around that many people right now. The couple has decided that they will get married next summer, hopefully when COVID cases go down.

On the last episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff’s parents had a lot to ask him about a possible wedding. Ron and Peggy Roloff asked Matt if he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler would be getting married any time soon. They decided to throw a few suggestions out there too.

Little People Big World News: Will Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Get Married?

Matt begins chatting with them about building a new home and that is when his parents just asked him if he would ever marry again and if it would be with Caryn. When Matt hesitates, that is when Caryn asks him what the house is for and who will be living there. His father finally says to him, “How can you have a home without a wife?”

Then Ron tells Matt that he thinks that he and Caryn should get married at the same place and same day as Amy and Chris. This may sound like a great plan, but in the grand scheme of things, we’re not so sure that a double wedding is what Matt and Caryn want.

Fans were very interested about this suggestion and why Matt’s parents would think that this was something he would agree on. Can you imagine getting married at the same time and place of your ex?! This doesn’t sound like the most romantic idea, does it?

Who knows what will be next for Matt and Caryn? We have heard a lot of rumors that they do not want to get married, but you just never know what will happen on Little People, Big World.

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