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‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Amber Eggers’ Mom Released, Watch Emotional Reunion

Life After Lockup Preview: Amber Eggers' Mom Released, Watch Emotional ReunionLife After Lockup spoilers reveals that Amber Eggers mom, Monica, gets released from prison. It has been nearly one year since they have been together. Monica admits that she feels guilty that her daughter was locked up in prison with her. However, Amber tells her that it’s over now. Keep reading to find out the details on this upcoming storyline.

Amber Eggers Waits For Her Mom

In the Life After Lockup preview, which will air on WEtv on Friday, December 4, Amber waits for her mom. She is being dropped off but she doesn’t know what time to expect her or what kind of vehicle they will be driving. Amber looks emotional and anxious as she waits and she finally spots a white van approaching. It turns out to be the vehicle she’s been waiting for.

Amber explains to the camera that she is going to be on paper until she’s 60.

Mother And Daughter Reunite

In the emotional video clip, Monica rushes to get out of the van, which is opened for her by a woman in the passenger seat. She grabs a paper bag filled with her belongings and hugs Amber. The two are fighting back tears as they reunite. Monica says that it is actually almost exactly one year since they have been together.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Amber Eggers' Mom Released, Watch Emotional Reunion

Life After Lockup: Feeling Guilty

To the cameras, Monica explains that she has a lot of guilt about Amber being locked up with her. She does seem remorseful, but Amber explains that it’s all in the past. It seems that she is determined to focus on the future, which is good news. Then, Amber and Monica continue to hug each other, clearly overwhelmed with emotion.

As fans may recall, Amber moved in with her prison girlfriend’s mom. The situation was complicated. Amber and Puppy targeted Vince to help take care of them financially. He even adopted Puppy in order to get more benefits, but her being in prison created an obstacle and the plan didn’t go as expected.

Let’s hope that there are no more scams because one mistake can send Amber right back to prison. We will get updated and caught up as the episodes continue to air. Remember, this installment will air on WEtv on Friday night. What do you predict will happen with Amber, Monica and the rest of the cast?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with reality TV right now. Come back here often for Life After Lockup spoilers, news and updates.

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