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‘Little People, Big World’ News: Amy Roloff Accused Of Exploiting Family – Apparently, Working Is Offensive Now

'Little People, Big World' News: Amy Roloff Accused Of Exploiting Family - Apparently, Working Is Offensive NowLittle People, Big World star Amy Roloff has been the subject of criticism before. It seems she has ticked off some followers again. Even though we kind of understand the naysayers point, we also get that she has to make a living, just like we all do. So, what was her unforgivable sin this time? Keep reading to find out all the details and why we’re on the fence about it.

Eat. Love. Gather.

Amy has a website that she uses to sell products, including a bag she promoted at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the items she promoted to her social media followers was a tote bag with “Eat. Love. Gather.” written on it. She wrote,

“It’s important that we all reduce our plastic use to help the environment, and reusable tote bags can help! Oregon no longer gives bags away in stores so I always have to bring totes to the store with me to carry all my groceries!”

'Little People, Big World' News: Amy Roloff Accused Of Exploiting Family - Apparently, Working Is Offensive Now

Some followers accused Amy of using the pandemic for financial gain. Let’s be honest, everyone has bills to pay and we’d rather see her promote a tote bag than sell face masks for $50 each.

Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen Beanie Hats

More recently, the Little People, Big World star posted an Instagram post that featured her son, Jacob Roloff, and his wife, Isabel. She wrote,

“This mama had to see how her kids are doing. I’m proud of them both and miss them. I’m glad they’re not that far away though. And I so appreciate their support too- wearing Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen beanie hats. These hats will keep you warm as the weather turns cold.

Check out www.amyroloffslittlekitchen.com for these and other great ideas. Love my kids.”

Griping And Complaining On Instagram

Apparently, some of her fans have serious issues with Amy trying to earn an income. Because Amy had combined a warm family moment with advertising, some people were really put off. One said that it “ruined the whole fuzzy warm feeling.”

Why We’re On The Fence About It

While we see their point, everyone who doesn’t get a salary by working for someone else has to promote and market their products or services. If they don’t, they make nothing. With that being said, Amy’s strategy really goes against what many are taught. You don’t make every single post an advertisement. While the ratios vary depending on who is mentoring you, it typically falls around 30-40% self-promotion and 60-70% genuine posts. There are a lot of reasons for this.

For one, if all you do is advertise, fans won’t feel like they are following someone they are interested in. They are following a walking billboard, instead. Plus, TV commercials have shown us how easily and quickly human beings become desensitized and numbed to constant advertising. Eventually, the human mind learns to tune it out if they are expecting it. Like with every 15 minutes of programming or every post from Amy Roloff. So, while we don’t have a problem with Amy trying to earn a living (heck, we all have bills to pay), she definitely needs some pointers from a seasoned pro so she stops alienating her fans.

What Annoyed Fans Should Do

But instead of followers complaining on social media – because 98% of the comments she will never see or read – complain effectively by doing something she WILL notice. Unfollow in droves. One or even 100 unfollows won’t be anything noticeable, but if 1,000 or more do on the same day? Yeah, that gets noticed pretty quickly and is the best chance of having her change the behavior and find a more effective social marketing strategy.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Amy Roloff right now. Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, news and updates.

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