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‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: Season 4 Rumors Addressed, And Juicy Inside Leaks

TLC’s hit show, Unexpected Season 4 returns on December 20th, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Allisa, who is 21-years old and runs the TLC Unexpected Instagram account, had an open chat about the upcoming season and she was ready to dispel rumors and give us some inside leaks on the upcoming season.

If you follow the TLC Instagram account, there were two girls managing it, but now that Allisa’s babies are doing better, but are still in the NICU, but she is able to take on the page full time on her own. Expect more updates in the coming days and if the Instagram goes crazy again when the new season starts, with all the drama, she will have help so the fans will get all the content we are thirsty for.

TLC Unexpected Spoilers – Alissa’s Thoughts On The Cast

Alissa’s least favorite mom on the show is McKayla Adkins, what about you? McKayla is a huge vlogger, and when she vlogged that she was 16 and pregnant, she got a million views! But the real crazy thing is, McKayla and her mother were pregnant at the same time! How strange is that? I used to like McKayla, but I didn’t like how she treated Shelly Morrison on the show.

Alissa’s favorite cast moms are the old cast; Lilly Bennett, Lexus Scheller, Rilah Ferrer, Chloe Mendoza, and Laura Barron. They are some of my favorite too, but I feel sorry for Lilly, two babies with two different baby daddies; that is a lot to bear.

TLC Unexpected Spoilers – Alissa’ Inside Leaks

Alissa reported that Lilly and Lawrence are still not married. And, is she friends with the cast? Not really, she talks with them quite a bit but they don’t consider each other friends – they keep the show professional.

Tylor Strawmer and Laura Barron are separated, as we all thought. Tyra and Alex are coming back for season four and based on her social media, they are still together.

Fans were rumoring that Laura Barron deleted her Instagram account, Alissa reports that is false, Laura is still on social media.

Alissa is excited about the new season and so am I. Expect to see Tyra Boisseau and Lilly Bennett, along with the new couples already reported; Jenna and Aden, Myrka and Ethan, and Reanna and Taron. Myrka and Ethan.

TLC Unexpected Spoilers – Season 4

These young couples have a lot of challenges coming up which will no doubt include plenty of drama, and we will get a chance to see it all on Unexpected. It airs on TLC on December 20th. Don’t forget to set your recording devices if you can’t be home and always check back here for more Unexpected rumors, leaks, and updates!

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