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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Is There A Move In Whitney’s Future?

It looks as if Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life may be moving again. There have been a lot of rumors about the star moving from Charlotte, North Carolina. We all know that her business, No BS Active is based in Charlotte, but what would happen if she did move?

How the Rumors Began

On Instagram, Whitney’s fans started thinking that she was planning on a move because of her Story. There was a picture of her plants and she captioned it, “Wonder what’s happening today!” Then she posted a picture and tagged a moving company in it. She wrote, “Where am I going? I haven’t had this many men in my house since….There’s a lot of grunting and everybody’s packing.”

Many of Whitney’s fans think that she could be making the move back to Greensboro, North Carolina. Of course, the online sleuths think it could be because the moving company is based out of Greensboro. We think that she hasn’t said too much because of her NDA with TLC. Her fans made sure to point this out to her and a lot of them began to ask questions about if she was moving back to Greensboro.

Whitney Way Thore Is Keeping Things Secretive

When My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member Whitney went to answer fan questions, she kept things pretty secretive. She told fans that she really liked this moving company, but didn’t really share anything else. Could she be moving in with her old friend Buddy Bell. We do know that Buddy has a new girlfriend, so would that be the best idea right now?

Whitney has shared a lot of pictures of her travels and her fans are pretty sure that if she wanted to move anywhere in the world, she could! She did mention to her fans that she doesn’t want to travel internationally right now and she is not quite ready to go to Alaska or Hawaii.

So what is going on with her company now? We all heard that Whitney and Ryan, her business partner, may have had a falling out since neither one of them is following the other on social media. Could this be the reason for her move? Is No BS Active no longer a thing?

We will just have to wait and see what happens next, but we do hope that Whitney can stay in North Carolina or begin to explore the world.

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