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Counting On News: Amy Duggar VS Jim Bob Duggar

duggar family news amy duggar counting on castAmy Duggar is one of the cousins of the infamous Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. Cousin Amy Duggar has always had very different views on the lifestyle of the Duggars and some Counting On fans really look up to her for standing up for what she believes in. She recently talked to her fans about some of the times that she put Jim Bob Duggar in his place.

Duggar Family News: Cousin Amy On Dating and Marriage

If you have been watching Counting On, you know just how strict the rules of dating and marriage are for the Duggars. They are very strict Baptists and they have serious rules about courting. If one of the children has some feelings about someone, they have to get their parents to come on a date with them. They are chaperoned the whole time they are courting and they are not allowed to kiss until their wedding day. Premarital sex is completely out of the question too.

The Duggar children are encouraged to marry early and start having as many children as they can or as many children as God wants them to have. Amy had a lot to say to Jim Bob about the rules of courting and she even embarrassed him on television when she brought it up to him.

Amy Duggar doesn’t have any siblings so she was raised just a little bit differently than her famous cousins. There is one clip that Reddit users found and wanted to share with other viewers.

In the clip, Amy tells Jim Bob, “I would probably ditch my chaperone. You don’t want me to be the chaperone. I will pretty much let them do whatever.” Jim Bob then tells Amy that she doesn’t have to worry about chaperoning.

Jim Bob And Amy Duggar Bump Heads On Counting On

It really surprised and shocked Jim Bob when Amy called him out on probably kissing Michelle Duggar before they were even married. He did laugh about it, but then he walked off and stopped talking to her.

Amy continues to call out the actions of her famous family and she even told a fan of hers that “a woman’s body is not a factory!” in regards to her having more children like the other Duggar women.

You can keep up with Amy on her Instagram, where she posts pretty regularly.  Check back here for more Counting On updates and Duggar Family news.

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