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Love After Lockup: Shavel Faked Quaylon Cheating To Get More Screen Time?

love after lockup spoilers shavel moore and quaylonLove After Lockup spoilers reveal Shavel and Quaylon had a bit of a hiccup on a recent episode of the WE reality TV show.  Shavel Moore found messages from another woman in Quaylon’s phone, and after calling the woman, Shavel confronted cheating Quaylon and kicked him to the curb.  Then, in true Love After Lockup fashion, Shavel sat on said curb barefoot to cry over her prison boo.

When Love After Lockup Season 3 premiered, Shavel and Quaylon seemed like one of the most stable couples on the summer 2020 cast.  In fact, the Love After Lockup cast members have been professing their love for each other on Instagram for a while now, so fans are scratching their heads trying to figure out when exactly Quaylon cheated and when or if they even broke up.

Love After Lockup Cast Updates: Are Shavel And Quaylon Still Together?

Love After Lockup Season 3 technically has ended, however a few of the new cast members earned some coveted time slots on the new season of the show’s spinoff, Life After Lockup.  Let’s be honest we were all growing a little tired of hearing Shavel and Quaylon discuss his living arrangements for a dozen episodes, so the cheating definitely brought their story back to life.  Convenient, huh?

Last summer we dug up quit a bit of dirt on Shavel Moore before Love After Lockup Season 3 began.  And, let’s not forget, she has been trying to be famous for darn near a decade.  After her rap career didn’t pan out, she became a YouTube laughing stock, and her family got conned by a “manager,” she decided she was going to be an actress.  Shocker, her $5 short movies on DVD’s weren’t selling like hot cakes, or paying the bills.

Love After Lockup 2020: Shavel Moore’s Been Chasing Fame For Years

So, when Shavel got cast on Love After Lockup, it was her big break.  In fact, she even made a post on Facebook announcing her “new job” and bragging that her dreams were coming true.  She made it to the big time ya’ll!  There’s actually a theory floating around on social media that Shavel scoped out her prison boyfriend Quaylon just so that she could apply to be on Love After Lockup.

love after lockup shavel instagram

As Love After Lockup Season 3 was winding down, Shavel’s fifteen minutes of fame was too.  In fact, if Quaylon hadn’t “cheated,” these two would have probably faded in to Love After Lockup oblivion and been just a memory for fans.

The Love After Lockup timelines are heavily edited, reenacted, and often tweaked by producers.  But, whether Quaylon’s cheating was a year ago or a month ago, the couple never broke up on social media.  And, Shavel was just bragging about their anniversary not that long ago.

Is it safe to say the fame-hungry Love After Lockup couple invented Quaylon’s “cheating” to get more screen time and keep their snoozefest alive.  Absolutely.  Will they ever admit it?  Absolutely not.

Check back here for more Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and Quaylon and Shavel updates.

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