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TLC Unexpected: Are Hailey Tilford And Cole Smith Still Together?

hailey tilford cole smith breakup tlc unexpected cast updates 2020Fans of TLC Unexpected saw Hailey Tilford and Cole Smith trying to raise a family together. There have been some clues on Hailey’s social media account that point in the direction of the couple breaking up.

TLC Unexpected News: Cryptic Messages from Hailey

Fans of Unexpected love Hailey and Cole together. Hailey was with Matthew Tomlinson, but when they broke up, Cole was there to jump right in and take care of her. During the Tell-All episode, Matthew denied being the father to her children and that was when everything came crashing down. Cole and Hailey actually dated very briefly before and it seemed easy for them to slip into a relationship.

On Monday, Hailey posted on Instagram and fans are very curious if this means that she and Cole are done. She posted a selfie and wrote, “You’ll miss me when you realize what you’ve lost.” Some fans thought that she could have also been referring to Matthew Blevins. Of course, her fans were quick to ask if she was all right.

Some fans sent her replies asking if she and Cole Smith were ok and that if she ever needed to reach out, her fans were there for her. Some just asked if they broke up, but fans never heard back from Hailey so that made them even more curious as to what is really going on with the young couple.

Unexpected Cast: Are Hailey Tilford & Cole Smith Over?

There are more clues on social media that these two have broken up. Their bios on Instagram once mentioned the other and now there is no mention of the other there.

Some TLC Unexpected fans think that Cole Smith may have “grown tired of playing baby daddy.” Fans have noticed that the couple does still have a few pictures of one another among their Instagram photos and it does look as if they are both still following each other.

Why would they take this tidbit out of their bio though? They could have had a small fight and Hailey could have posted that to make a point or they could be taking a break from one another. There is a world of possibilities on Unexpected!

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