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Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Arrested, Back In Jail

destinie folsom arrest, love after lockup news updates 2020Love After Lockup cast member Destinie Folsom has run out of luck. The Season 3 star is/was the girlfriend of Shawn Osborne and it looks like she is back in jail. The last time we saw her, she left Shawn Osborne and took his car. The charges that got Love After Lockup’s Destinie Folsom back in the big house were false impersonation and failure to appear on a felony charge.

Love After Lockup Cast Update: More Jail Time for Destinie Folsom

It looks as if Destinie Folsom could serve anywhere to one to four more years in jail because of her actions. She has a very long history of arrests and this could be all part of why she decided to not appear at her first hearing. Her charges go all the way back to 2009 and the list of her charges is quite long.

Love After Lockup 2020 cast member Destinie has been charged with multiple check forgeries, controlled substance use, multiple burglaries, stealing cars, stealing IDs, failure to appear in court and jumping bail, driving without a license, and driving without a seatbelt. These charges were all from California, but she has also been charged in Oregon for child neglect, giving false information to a police officer, and interfering with a police officer.

Many fans of Love After Lockup think that Destinie may end up serving more time than she initially thought. The charges against her are pretty severe and they have all started to add up and things look pretty bleak right now for her.

Love After Lockup’s Shawn hasn’t posted too much about her getting arrested on social media. He seems to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible right now.

There have been many couples on Love After Lockup that have made it and some, like Shawn and Destinie who have struggled through their relationships. Fans of the reality TV show enjoy watching them get through these trying times and finally being able to be together and start a new life together.

We hope that Destinie Folsom can get her life back together, even if it does mean spending more time in jail. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson, finally.

Check back here for more Love After Lockup 2020 spoilers, news, and Destinie Folsom updates.

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