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Duggar Family News: Another Counting On Courtship in the Works?

james duggar counting on newsFans of the TLC hit show, Counting On, enjoy following the Duggar family through their marriages, but we really get excited about possible courtships. James Duggar is one of the last Duggar children to remain single, but it looks like might have a courtship in the works.

Counting On Cast: James Duggar Is Instagram Official

Not every Duggar likes to use social media, but being famous has its advantages and disadvantages. James has joined the ranks of his siblings now on social media and this has a lot of rumors swirling around that this new step for him could mean that he is courting.

When the Duggars start courting, it’s their version of dating and getting to know the person that they have some interest in. Courting includes being chaperoned on every date and the children can only give side hugs and cannot kiss until their wedding day. Courting is a pretty strict process, but the Duggar family has made it work and by the looks of it, it has worked out really well.

Duggar News: Another Duggar & Caldwell Marriage?

By starting an Instagram account, it doesn’t mean that James is ready to court, but it seems like this is a step in the right direction. James has yet to be linked in the courting world, but the rumors were swirling that he could be courting Lauren Caldwell, who is already a small part of the Duggar family. Those rumors were put to rest when she announced that she was engaged earlier this fall.

James hasn’t been seen with a woman in public, but some of his devout followers think that he could be hiding his new courtship and if this is the case, he is hiding it extremely well!

If James’ fans want to follow him, they will see that he doesn’t have quite that many followers yet and he is not following a lot of people yet either. He hasn’t posted any pictures so far and we think that eventually, he will gain the blue, verified check mark, but it looks as if his account is very new and he’s just getting it going.

If starting an Instagram account means that James is courting, we do hope that he shares some pictures of the new woman in his life soon so we can check her out.

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