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’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Sumit and Jenny’s Plans Realistic, Or Wishful Thinking?

'90 Day Fiancé': Are Sumit and Jenny's Plans Realistic, Or Wishful Thinking?Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten feel that progress has been made on ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’. However, Sumit’s parents have definitively said that they will not support their son’s plan to marry the woman he loves.

While Jenny was elated to learn that Sumit finalized his divorce, she was also troubled by what he withheld from her. The next day realization that their marriage plans might just be wishful thinking caused Jenny understandable pause.

However, viewers saw that the episodes they are currently watching were recorded when the worldwide virus pandemic took hold. That unexpected issue creates a new set of conflicting consequences that could enable Jenny to spend extra time with Sumit, but also won’t guarantee that they cross the final threshold.

'90 Day Fiancé': Are Sumit and Jenny's Plans Realistic, Or Wishful Thinking?

90 Day Fiancé News Updates

Sumit wasn’t ready to receive the ring Jenny purchased for him in the recent past. He told her that he needed to resolve the then lingering problems that his arranged marriage caused.

With that part of his life settled, Sumit was in the mood to celebrate. The ceremony he participated in with Jenny at their home was sweet and once again affirmed just how much these two people genuinely love each other.

However, one has to wonder if their relationship is fated to never advance far enough? The pandemic lockdown in India stymied the couple’s plans to have a traditional ring ceremony party.

'90 Day Fiancé': Are Sumit and Jenny's Plans Realistic, Or Wishful Thinking?

What If Parents Never Budge?

Finally being able to extricate himself from his legal tie, Sumit divorced his wife. It took a twenty-thousand dollar loan from his father, Anil, to satisfy the debt the court required Sumit to pay his now ex-wife.

The above issue was resolved, but it was quickly followed by Anil telling Sumit that he and Sahna (Sumit’s mother) would never approve of the intended marriage to Jenny. They are adamant about it, based on Jenny’s age being significantly greater than Sumit’s and the connected cultural fallout that’s connected to that point.

Anil and Sahna also want Sumit to have children, which isn’t possible with Jenny. Sumit sees that part of their argument is self-centered.

But Sumit does acknowledge that his parents are older and naturally are concerned about how they will be cared for in the future if need be. They believe Sumit’s obligation to care for Jenny in her advanced age would override his obligation to take care of them.

However, they do have another son, Amit. So that undercuts that part of Anil and Sahna’s opposition to Sumit’s marriage plan.

Resilience Drives March Toward Goal

Sumit again told Jenny that no one was going to stop him from marrying her. He offered the latest confident promise when Jenny expressed concerns regarding their ability to get married and the tied in the pressure of her visa soon expiring.

The lockdown in India likely keeps Jenny in the country for longer than she normally would have been allowed to stay. So, Jenny is able to spend more time with the man she loves. But will that unexpected gift improve their chances of getting legally married?

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