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‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Suspicious About Royal’s Relationship With Angenette Ahead Of The Philippines Wedding

'The Family Chantel': Chantel Suspicious About Royal's Relationship With Angenette Ahead Of The Philippines WeddingTLC’s “The Family Chantel” star Chantel Everett is suspicious about her older brother Royal Everett’s relationship with his bride Angenette Everett ahead of their wedding, which is to take place in the Philippines, Angenette’s home country

Royal And Angenette Are Already Married But Want A Filipino Wedding

“90 Day Fiancé” couple, Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet, Royal and Angenette are actually already married. They married in a magistrate’s office on Angenette’s K-1 visa. But now they want to have a formal wedding ceremony in Angenette’s home country of the Philippines, with both Royal and Angenette’s family members attending.

However, Chantel has her doubts. In a sneak peek of Monday’s upcoming episode, Chantel and her husband, Pedro Jimeno talk about Royal and Angenette’s upcoming nuptials and talk about their doubts. Pedro, from the Dominican Republic, is happy about going to the Philippines. He wants to do a little exploring while they are there.

Angenette is not from a major city, she is from Cayagan Valley. Chantel and the rest of the family want to get to know Angenette a little better in her native setting, but Chantel is very skeptical about her.

For one thing, Angenette was accepted a lot more quickly by the Everetts than Pedro was. For another, Angenette had a miscarriage a while ago and Royal had his doubts that the baby was his! As for Pedro, while he is excited about the travel aspects of the trip he thinks that questions, as well as others, need to be cleared up before the wedding.

Pedro Talks About The Miscarriage

Pedro talks about the miscarriage, wondering if Royal felt like it wasn’t his baby, why didn’t he get the truth out of Angenette before marrying her? He thinks before marrying her the second time Royal needs the truth – even though the second wedding wouldn’t cancel out the first, they are legally married! Pedro asks Chantel whether she is excited about the wedding. She’s not really sure, as they continue packing for their trip. She admits they don’t know anything at all about Angenette’s family, or the Philippines, for that matter!

She tells of an incident with Angenette. She tells Pedro that when they went dress shopping together she had asked her how she and Royal met. She also asked her if she had communicated with any other American guys before she met Royal. Chantel was perturbed when Angenette looked like she was going to cry when asked those questions.

Pedro laughs, saying that maybe Royal was the only fish she could catch! Chantel thinks his comment is funny when he refers to Royal as a BIG fish – Royal is pretty hefty! But then she tells Pedro he was the only fish she could catch, as well. He replies sweetly, agreeing with her and saying “the best one”.

Stay tuned to TLC’s “The Family Chantel” and keep checking here frequently for all the latest news, updates, and gossip about all your fave “90 Day Fiancé” shows, spinoffs and stars!

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