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‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Brown Slams Haters

'Sister Wives': Mykelti Brown Slams HatersFor fans of the show, Sister Wives, we have had the honor of meeting all of the Brown children. Mykelti Brown, Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter, recently announced that she and her husband are having a girl! They are incredibly excited to have their first child, but Mykelti had to squash some trolls after the comments they wrote about her on social media.

Parent-Shamers and Haters Beware

Sisters Wives cast member Mykelti posts quite frequently on social media and she posted a new picture showing off her baby bump. She looks great and it looks like she just got her hair done too. This had some of her followers really upset though. One wrote to her, “Hair dye is not good for the baby.” Mykelti replied to them, “That would be why you can see my roots from a mile away.”

This got a lot of her followers, that are moms or pregnant, talking about hair dye and how it can be safe during pregnancy. Some told her that she can dye her hair, it just needs to be done in a very well-ventilated area. This is not the first time that Mykelti has had to talk to her followers about dying her hair. She told her fans that she is not dying her hair on purpose.

Mykelti told her followers a few weeks ago that she is going to keep growing her hair color out for the time being. She wants to change it somehow and wants a new look after the baby is born. She said that she is thinking of changing to a completely different color and is excited to go to the salon in a few months to see what they have in mind for her too!

It looks like Mykelti will keep the natural look growing out for the time being and we are glad that she put that one troll in check! We can’t wait to see what her new color turns out to be and we are excited for her baby girl to arrive. You can keep up with Mykelti on her social media accounts and you can also find her on Facebook, where she boosts her LulaRoe business.

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