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‘Sister Wives’ News: Meri Brown Has Had it With Kody Brown

TLC Sister Wives news reveals leave it to Kody Brown to not show his face on social media in months! He has missed surgeries, gender reveals, and just being an overall good husband to his three other wives. We have all sensed that Sister Wives cast member Meri Brown was ready to be finished with him and she continues to post lyrics and quotes that make us think she is over their relationship.

Meri Brown Shows Fans What’s Up

On her Instagram account, Meri posted the lyrics to the Gloria Gaynor song, “I Will Survive.” In these lyrics, she says, “But I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong and I grew strong.” Meri’s fans think that something has finally happened to make her leave Kody. This is not the first time she has posted a quote like this and it seems that she and her spiritual husband may be on the outs.

She shared a meme on her Instagram account that threw some serious shade at Kody, without mentioning his name. It was all about the people in her life that value her. As we have seen on Sister Wives, Meri and Kody have sought therapy for their relationship and it doesn’t exactly look as if it’s working.

Meri Brown Is Concentrating On Her Bed and Breakfast

Ever since the pandemic began, Sister Wives cast member Meri has spent most of her time focusing on her bed and breakfast in Utah. Her daughter has been there with her and fans think that they could be back in Utah for good. Where has Kody been? From the silence on social media from him and his wife, Robyn Brown, it seems that he is hunkered down with her and not taking part in any family activities at the time. He did take time out to celebrate his anniversary with Christine Brown back in the spring, but that’s the last we have seen of him.

Could this be it for Meri and Kody? From what we have seen so far, it feels pretty real and pretty much done. Meri continues to focus on her LulaRoe business and she also has been promoting her Utah bed and breakfast. Keep up with her on Instagram to find out what happens next with her and Kody.

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