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Days Of Our Lives News Update: Judi Evans Survived COVID, Now She Has A Message For Non-Believers

Days Of Our Lives News Update: Judi Evans Survived COVID, Now She Has A Message For Non-BelieversNBC Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that in Los Angeles Judi Evans (Bonnie Lockhart) is doing her part to keep America safe while the coronavirus pandemic rages on. The NBC soap star recently spoke out online about how she feels about the virus and what we can do to prevent its spread.

The Los Angeles resident not only contracted the lethal virus, but she was also hospitalized and thankfully has recovered. It’s understandable that given her experience she would have strong feelings about the matter.

Days of our Lives News Updates

Judi went online to share an experience she had with someone who did not take the pandemic seriously and she has a message for him and for her fans.

On Saturday she tweeted, “While waiting for our breakfast order, I started a conversation with an older man waiting for his. He complained about having to wear a mask. He actually said he doesn’t believe ‘all this Covid stuff is real.’”

Judi Evans is doing her part to educate others about coronavirus

According to Judi, “I promptly informed him that I had it, and he asked if I had been on a ventilator. I told him no, I only had a Bi-Pap, but it hit my circulatory system so badly, they were considering removing my legs, and that they removed a foot and a half of clots out of both my legs. And I was a healthy person. He was very polite after that and wished me well as he left.”

She added, “I hope it helped him to understand COVID IS REAL, AND IT’S SPREADING AT RIDICULOUS SPEED!! Please feel free to share this with anyone who is repeating the false information that COVID is a hoax, and the numbers aren’t real.”

Judi Evans portrays Bonnie Lockhart on the NBC sudser

Judi wasn’t yet finished, however. She concluded, “We need to unite and listen to the medical experts!!!! And follow their guidance and warnings. THIS IS Not A POLITICAL ISSUE!!! Do it for the people you love and your fellow humans!!! WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE, AND DO NOT HAVE BIG GATHERINGS!! PLEASE, AND THANK YOU!!!”

It is clear that Judi’s COVID experience was very serious and we are happy that she has recovered from what sounds like a dreadful event.

To see more of Judi be sure to tune in to DOOL where you can catch her as Bonnie Lockhart on the NBC sudser.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with DOOL right now. Come back here often for Days of our Lives spoilers, news, and updates.

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