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Counting On News: Duggar Divorce Rumors Fly

counting on cast joy and austin forsythCounting On rumors hint one of the Duggar couples may be getting a divorce. Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth have made news lately with a few of their posts on social media. This is how the Duggar Family rumors about a possible divorce got started.

Duggar News: Joy-Anna Forsyth Defends Her Marriage

After hearing about the divorce rumors, Joy-Anna Duggar decided to set the record straight. She told her followers that they can see on their Instagram accounts that they are still together and that these rumors are far from true. She also called out Austin, telling him that she loved him very much.

This all started when Joy-Anna posted a picture and the Duggar Family trolls instantly pointed out that she wasn’t wearing her wedding band. Of course, the trolls asked her what was up with that. She told them that when she was pregnant, her fingers got so swollen that it was painful to wear any kind of jewelry. She had to take off all of her rings and she just hasn’t put it back on yet. Leave it to these trolls to point this out.

Counting On News: Joy-Anna Sets The Record Straight

This isn’t the only rumor that has circulated about Joy-Anna and Austin. Some of her followers think that she is pregnant again too! She made sure to tell her fans that she literally just had a baby and she is not having another right now!

Baby Evelyn was born in August and Joy-Anna had a very hard time with her previous pregnancy that ended with a miscarriage. She pointed out to her fans that she needs to work on spending time with her new baby before they can think about having another one!

We are happy that she put the divorce rumors to rest for her followers. It has got to be crazy for people to start rumors about your marriage simply because she didn’t wear her wedding band. Being in the spotlight is tough, but it seems like Joy-Anna and Austin are taking the time that they need to spend with their new baby and work on building their family.

You can follow them both on their personal Instagram accounts, where they post pretty regularly.  Check back here for more Counting On updates and Duggar Family news.

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