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Little People, Big World: Roloff Brother Battle Brewing – Jeremy Roloff or Zach Roloff Get The Farm?

little people big world zach roloff, matt roloffLittle People Big World viewers are waiting to see who will get the Roloff pumpkin farm, both LPBW cast member Zach and Jeremy Roloff have decided that they are interested in doing so. Amy and Matt Roloff have shown just how stressful things have gotten over the farm and it seems like the two of them just want to wash their hands of it. That being said, who will end up buying it?

Roloff News: Who Has the Most Interest?

From what we have seen on Little People, Big World, both Jeremy and Zach Roloff are interested in the farm and running it for good. Zach and Tori Roloff have their children there daily and if anyone wants to work on the farm, it is Zach. Jeremy Roloff, his twin brother, has shown interest to his parents as well. He left the show a few years ago to start his own family, but he would also like to run the property.

Zach Roloff told Little People Big World cameras, “Everyone’s always assumed that Jeremy would be the one taking over the farm, including myself. And that’s just because I think I’ve always deferred to him when it came to the farm. As I’ve gotten older and became a father, I’ve also spent more and more time working on the farm, and that has helped me become more assertive.”

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Torn Between Brothers

When we look at the show, we have seen Zach and Tori doing everything they can to help out at the farm. We haven’t seen a lot of Jeremy there, but that’s not to say that he is there helping out too. Matt Roloff has even given Zach a lot of credit for stepping things up at the farm and he thinks he would be a perfect fit. Although, Amy Roloff isn’t too sure who would do a better job of running the farm.

Jeremy has always had the desire to run the farm, but the Roloffs all need to do the best things for their family. Who will end up with the farm? Only time will tell, but you can continue to watch Little People, Big World to see what happens next.

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