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Sweet Home Sextuplets: Eric Waldrop Has Some Explaining To Do

sweet home sextuplets eric waldropTLC Sweet Home Sextuplets cast member Eric Waldrop knows how it feels to be in the spotlight. The reality TV star’s fans have given him a lot of backlash for going shopping without wearing a mask.

Why Are Sweet Home Sextuplets Fans Upset?

TLC has been pushing Sweet Home Sextuplets all over social media and this past week, fans were pretty upset with Eric Waldrop. He has been pretty scared of the pandemic and has shared with his fans how terrifying it is to him and his family. It has really hurt their business and the family is just not in a good place right now.

One of the newest clips of Sweet Home Sextuplets shows Eric doing some grocery shopping. He says on camera that he has never really been sick before in his whole life. He said that he is worried about the pandemic and it really does scare him. He worries about getting sick and something tragic happening to him and then what would his family do without him? He thinks about these things now.

Many of Eric Waldrop’s followers think that he is being dramatic about his fears. They saw him on the clip, shopping without wearing a face mask. For a man that is so scared of getting sick, why is he going out without one?

Eric Waldrop’s Confusing COVID Stance

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans were quick to chime in about how he was not setting a good example for his children and if he was so afraid, he needs to think about that when he goes out in public.

One of his fans wrote to him, “So you only wear a mask when it’s a requirement, if you’re that scared, you should have been wearing one from the beginning.” There were some fans that show support for Eric Waldrop choosing to not wear a mask, but he does seem to be contradicting himself and these so-called fears that he has of the coronavirus.

If you want to see what happens next, watch Sweet Home Sextuplets on TLC.

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