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Welcome to Plathville: Who Is Moriah Plath’s Boyfriend

moriah plath boyfriend max, welcome to plathville new episodesWelcome to Plathville‘s first season introduced the very conservative Plath family. They live in rural Georgia, on a farm, and parents Barry & Kim Plath have kept them as far away from technology and bad eating habits. There are some of the older siblings that have started to rebel against their parents’ very Christian, fundamentalist ways.

Welcome To Plathville New Episodes: Moriah Plath Her New Boyfriend

When we watched the last season of Plathville, we just knew that Moriah Plath was ready to rebel against her parents. They didn’t want her to go off to college because of the mistakes her mother made when she was in college, but Moriah is headstrong and knows exactly what she wants. She has been very active on social media, which is a big no-no for her parents.

On Instagram, many fans of Welcome to Plathville discovered that Moriah Plath was showing off her new boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. Will we see him on the new season of Welcome To Plathville? What should we expect from this relationship? What do we know about him?

Moriah Plath initially posted about him and made it sweet and loving. She has since deleted this post though. It read, “I thought I could keep you a secret a little longer, but I can’t…I love you, Max.” Then he posted a picture of her that read, “Found this koala bear in the jungle, and now she won’t let go… Am I complaining? Of course not.”

How Did Moriah Plath Meet Boyfriend Max?

Max seems to be very athletic and played football and soccer at his high school in Florida. Now he is getting is degree in construction management at Tallahassee Community College. He makes straight A’s and is focused on his education. From looking at his social media accounts, he loves being outdoors and fishing is one of his favorite things to do.

We think that the couple met through her brother, Micah Plath. He is modeling now and some fans think that Max also has tried his hand at being a model. He looks like he could do it.

When the new season of Welcome to Plathville premieres in November on TLC, we can’t wait to hear more about Max and see him with Moriah.

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