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Is TLC Sister Wives Cancelled?

tlc sister wives cancelledSister Wives rumors have been saying that there will not be another season of the Brown Family TV show for a while now. What is really going on here? Fans think that Janelle Brown dropped a pretty serious hint on her Instagram account.

Sister Wives Spoilers: What Janelle Brown Really Said

It seemed like a lovely picture of Janelle Brown with her kids just having some pizza. She and her sons watched the sunset and the boys wanted to see Mars. She praised the gorgeous colors in the sky that night and this post seemed like it was just her enjoying her time with her sons. Kody Brown’s wife mentioned that they live in such a great place for stargazing and watching the planets too.

Sister Wives fans began to compliment her and the boys for taking the time to watch the planets and the stars. There were some fans that really wanted to know what was happening with the new season of Sister Wives. These fans kept asking Janelle about a new season of the show and she wrote back, “Stay tuned to TLC for updates.” Of course, fans read into this quite a bit.

There have been no updates from TLC about another season of Sister Wives and this is where the rumors all get started. Sister Wives fans that think just because Janelle answered them about tuning into TLC for updates that this can mean there will be a season 15 of the show. Was this a hint or was this Janelle Brown trying not to break her NDA?

Is Sister Wives Cancelled?

Sister Wives rumors hint things are not going so well with the Brown family that TLC may not waste the time and money on filming another season of Sister Wives. Many viewers got so tired of the same boring plot line about Coyote Pass that they stopped watching last season.

We may not exactly know what is next for Sister Wives, but you can bet that we should find out very soon. It hasn’t been too long since season 14 ended, but you never know what will happen next for the Brown family.

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