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OutDaughtered Cast Member’s Shocking Arrest

outdaughtered busby family mimi arrestOutdaughtered cast member Michelle Theriot, better known as “Gramma Mimi” was arrested and charged with a DUI. According to police, she tried to use perfume to hide the smell of alcohol. She also changed her story and was allegedly so intoxicated that she could barely keep her eyes open, let alone drive.

Danielle Busby’s Mom Pulled Over in Texas

According to TMZ, Mimi was pulled over last week while driving in League City, Texas. It was after midnight and her black Ford SUV was swerving. Police noticed that in addition, her car was straddling the solid white line on the shoulder. Police turned on their lights and proceeded to pull her over.

Michelle Theriot’s Perfume Cover-Up

When police started walking toward the driver’s side of the vehicle, they noticed a very strong perfume smell. So, they already had an idea she was attempting to cover up something because this is common with people who have been drinking. When police asked the Outdaughtered star for her drivers license, she was lethargic, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

OutDaughtered Arrest Details: Gramma Mimi’s Changing Story

At first, Mimi said she only had two glasses of wine. Then, she changed her story and said she didn’t have any wine, but two Michelob Ultra beers. Then, they asked her to step out of the car and that’s when things got even worse.

Outdaughtered Star Bombs Field Sobriety Tests

When Mimi got out of the SUV, she kept teetering back and forth. She also failed several field sobriety tests. Then, Mimi actually tried to get back into her car, but was stopped by police. They put handcuffs on her and placed her under arrest. She was taken to jail and processed. The Outdaughtered star is facing DUI charges.

Outdaughtered is a reality TV show that recently aired season 7. It stars Adam Busby and his wife, Danielle Busby. The couple have six daughters, which include the only set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. Mimi is Danielle Busby’s mother and is a huge part of the television show. She recently moved from Louisiana to Texas to be closer to her grandchildren.

What do you think of Michelle Theroit drinking and driving? What are your thoughts on her being so intoxicated that she could barely keep her eyes open or stand up, let alone drive?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Michelle Theroit aka Gramma Mimi right now. Come back here often for Outdaughtered spoilers, news and updates.

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