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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Dishonest Destinie Folsom Wants Shawn To Stop Lying

love after lockup cast destinie folsomLove After Lockup spoilers tease that the latest episode of the runaway hit show features Destinie Folsom pushing the blame pie in Shawn Osborne’s face and he doesn’t like the taste of that smackdown.

Destinie wants to know why Shawn has lied to her and lets him know the trust is gone. She was recently released from prison and ever since the couple have argued about communication and shady behavior. Love After Lockup Friday’s episode shows Destinie forcing Shawn to face the music while they take a dip together.

Love After Lockup Cast: Destinie Can’t Trust Shawn

Destinie and Shawn met through a prison pen-pal program. They were destined to hook up, and they have had a long-distance relationship prior to her release. During her incarceration Shawn made it rain by putting money on Destinie’s books and seeing that she had all the amenities allowed.

So what’s a girl to think when she’s released and the gravy train crashes and burns? Love After Lockup’s Destinie was expecting the same luxe life after her release but Shawn revealed he owes $50,000 and if Destinie gets arrested again he loses that; that took the air out of their bubble.

Love After Lockup Recap: Shawn Lied To Destinie About His Kids

Destinie just wants to party in Las Vegas but Shawn wants her to lay low and just enjoy themselves. But don’t think that reserved Shawn isn’t without the drama himself!

Shawn had Destinie believing that he only had two kids when he actually has a half dozen tater tots. And he lied about his age, too. Oops?

So when Destinie caught Shawn on the phone with his ex, she felt threatened and wanted to end their relationship. After Destinie laid down the law Shawn has this to say: “Let’s start over.”

Destinie snapped, “I told you in the beginning that I can put up with anything but a liar. If you lie to me, it’s a wrap.”  Then the two of them go back and forth about his lies, her not having it and so on.

Destinie Wants Shawn To Stop Lying On Love After Lockup

Fans know something Shawn doesn’t though and that’s that Destinie hit on a girl who worked at a store. During her confessional, she said her attraction to women is something Shawn will have to get used to. When will Destinie tell Shawn this?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Love After Lockup. Come back here often for Love After Lockup spoilers, news, and updates.

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