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Duggar Family News: Josiah’s Wife Lauren Swanson Wants Off Counting On?

lauren and josiah duggar, counting on newsThe Duggar family from TLC’s Counting On have had their whole lives, dating life, marriage, and childbirth played out on television for the whole world to see. Their lives have been broadcast all over the world and now, it seems that there is one Duggar Family member that is ready for her privacy.

Duggar News: Who Needs Privacy?

Josiah Duggar married Lauren Swanson in 2018. They only dated, or courted, for about four months, and then decided that it was the right time to get married. Lauren and Josiah Duggar have been on Counting On a lot and they are considered two of the main cast members.

Some Counting On fans think that Lauren Swanson has started to feel differently about being on such a popular show. Could it be time for her to have her own space and live a private life? Did she really know what she was getting into when she married Josiah Duggar?

One of the reasons that fans are speculating this is because of Lauren’s inactivity on social media. She used to post a lot and she and Josiah share an Instagram account, but it seems like she just up and left it. She hasn’t posted in months and fans are beginning to think that she is ready to give up being on the show.

Duggar News: Is Lauren Swanson Done With Counting On?

One Reddit user wrote, “Not everybody is ready to display their lives for others to see in every little detail. It can be very tiring for someone who is not used to it. I think Lauren wanted fame but now that she has a child and has experienced social media, it’s a lot different than what she wanted.”

We have noticed that Lauren loves being a mom and just seems to want to enjoy time with her family. Does she want off of Counting On now that she has bigger responsibilities? Does she dislike the fact that people now watch her every move on social media and television? Being a celebrity is incredibly difficult and now she has that to take on. It doesn’t sound pleasant does it?

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