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Sister Wives News: Janelle Brown Reveals Sad News About Brown Family’s Dog

sister wives janelle brownSister Wives news shows there have been a lot of changes and Janelle Brown (Kody Brown’s second wife) has shared a lot about her worries. Janelle’s dog, Bryn is pretty much her best friend right now and she has shared a lot of photos of her. The Sister Wives star recently started posting some anxious words about her pup.

Sister Wives News: What’s Happening With Janelle’s Dog Bryn?

When the Brown family moved to Flagstaff, Janelle’s son, Gabe Brown was very sad and things just didn’t seem like they were going well for him. He needed a companion as well. Janelle ended up adopting a dog named Obi. Obi and Bryn became fast pup friends and they love to play. Obi is still a puppy and Bryn sometimes looks annoyed with Obi because of how he likes to play like a puppy still.

Janelle wrote a post about Bryn and it read, “Our Bryn (brindle chiweenie) spends most days just tolerating our Obi (black lab/shepherd) puppy.” Clearly Obi is full of puppy energy and makes Bryn feel old. This isn’t the only post about Bryn that we have seen.

Garrison Brown took more photos of her and these made Janelle very anxious. She wrote, “He caught this priceless one of my old girl Bryn. It makes me sad to see the gray creeping in on her little face. She was a rescue so best estimates put her at 7 or 8 years old. I hope I have many more years with her.”

Janelle Brown’s Rescue Dog

Apparently, this breed of dog can live up to ten years minimum and it looks like Janelle will have more time left with her sweet Bryn. She cherishes her quite a bit and wants to keep her around as long as she can.

Sister Wives’ Janelle’s fans were quick to reply to her posts. They sent love to her and some told her that their dogs have lived much longer than they ever expected. They sent some positive energy her way and talked about how a dog really is the best friend anyone can have!

Be sure to catch up with Janelle Brown on her Instagram account. You can see more photos of Bryn!

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