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Sister Wives News: Christine Brown Scamming Fans?

sister wives spoilers christine brown scam 2020Sister Wives spoilers say Christine Brown recently asked fans for help in getting a down payment for her daughter’s surgery and it’s assumed Kody Brown still has no insurance for his kids. While Sister Wives’ Christine can’t pay her bills, she did somehow come up with the money for first class airline tickets. So, is there a logical explanation or has the Sister Wives cast member been scamming the world?

Sister Wives News: Christine Brown Begs Fans For Money

It has been known for a long time that the Brown family has a mountain of debt that just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Apparently, the family is also uninsured. This realization stemmed from Christine begging fans for money to help her make a down payment for her daughter to have surgery. We can’t see any other reason a down payment would be required unless there was no insurance.

Sister Wives 2020 Updates: Ysabel Brown’s Surgery

More recently, the details of the medical expense were finally revealed. It was for Kody and Christine’s daughter, Ysabel Brown, to have surgery for her scoliosis. The procedure was successful.

Unfortunately, Kody was nowhere in sight and hasn’t said a word about his daughter or the operation. Kody apparently didn’t go to New Jersey, where the surgery took place, because quarantining would take him away from the family for too long. At least, that is what the public is being told.

Bragging About Flying First Class

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Christine and her children all flew first-class. Gwendolyn Brown posted a picture to her social media accounts and wrote, “First class babeyyy.”

So, if they can’t pay their bills, already have a mountain of debt, are “drowning” financially and have to beg fans for money, then how did Christine pay for these first class airline tickets?

Did Sister Wives Cast Member Scam The World?

The Sister Wives star has responded to criticism or outraged fans about how she paid for the first class tickets. It’s possible that the money fans contributed toward Ysabel’s surgery down payment is kept separate from the Browns’ other funds. However, it does make one wonder why she would splurge on multiple first class tickets if they are “drowning” financially and can’t pay their basic bills.

Shouldn’t they have flown coach and tried to pay off some debt? Maybe Christine has a logical explanation. Maybe some super generous citizen bought the tickets for them. We won’t know until she speaks out, but it sure is looking suspicious.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news and Christine Brown 2020 updates.

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