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Seeking Sister Wife News: Dimitri & Ashley Snowden Have Something To Celebrate

seeking sister wife 2020 ashley and dimitri snowden, vanessa cobbTLC Seeking Sister Wife fans have yet to see another announcement about a new season. There are a few Seeking Sister Wife couples that viewers still keep up with and one of those is Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. The Snowdens do want to be back on television, but they’re not sure when that will be. They have announced some good news though, they are celebrating their 11th year of marriage.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Miss Dimitri & Ashley Snowden

On Seeking Sister Wife, we saw just how flamboyant this couple is. Much of the show was about Ashley’s new spiritual side and how she wanted to change her lifestyle. Dimitri Snowden told TLC cameras that he was an entrepreneur and the couple ended up revealing that they had a CBD company.

All this couple wanted to do was find another wife to complete their marriage. They were not able to do that on the show, but the couple continues to show off just how much they love one another.

Ashley & Dimitri Snowden Share Exciting News

In their latest post on Instagram, Ashley and Dmitri look so happy together and as in love as ever! Dmitri posted, “So happy I can’t even see! 11 years of absolutely f*****g everything! Agape love. Happy anniversary boo! To infinity and beyond my sweet Ashley.”

Dimitri’s fans were quick to send them some congrats and love. There were many fans that also asked them if there would be another season and if they were still looking for another wife.

Will Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Return With New Episodes

Both Ashley and Dimitri Snowden avoided the questions about the new season and we are still not sure what the future holds for them and another wife. They look incredibly happy now and if you followed the show, you will remember when they took on Vanessa Cobb as another wife.

They had a beautiful wedding, but when the Tell-All aired, we all found out that she had left the marriage. Did this leave a bad taste in their mouths and did they decide that their marriage is just better with two?

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden post pretty regularly on social media and you can get updates for them there.

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